indexed by Jackie Browne

H to J

HAAS James Farmer St Marys 1890-91
HALEY Peter Farmer George's River 1890-91
HALL James Miner Mangana 1890-91
HALL John Ben Lomond 1890-91
HALL John Miner Mangana 1890-91
HALL Thomas Ellerslie 1890-91
HALL Thomas Miner Mangana 1890-91
HALL William Miner Mathinna 1890-91
HAMILTON Frank Bootmaker Evandale 1890-91
HANDLEY Henry Farmer George's River 1890-91
HANDLEY James Mathinna 1890-91
HANDLEY Mary Mangana 1890-91
HANDLEY Matthew Miner Mathinna 1890-91
HANDLEY Richard Carter Mathinna 1890-91
HANNENG Thomas Farmer Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
HANNEY William Labourer Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
HANSEN Lee Farmer George's River 1890-91
HARDEMAN Edward Prince of Wales Hotel Evandale 1890-91
HARDMAN Thomas Dairy Farm Deddington 1890-91
HARDY Robert Farmer St Marys 1890-91
HARDY William F Farmer St Marys 1890-91
HARPER John Ellerslie 1890-91
HARPER Newell Miner Mangana 1890-91
HARRIS Alfred Carter Pateena 1890-91
HARRIS Charles H Station master Evandale 1890-91
HARRIS John Ben Lomond 1890-91
HARRIS John Farmer White Hills 1890-91
HARRIS William Carter Pateena 1890-91
HARRIS William Pateena 1890-91
HARRISON George A Sub.Inspector Police St Marys 1890-91
HARTNOLL William Evandale 1890-91
HARVEY Graham Henbury Ormley 1890-91
HASLAM Thomas Labourer Youngtown 1890-91
HAWKES William Ben Lomond 1890-91
HAWKINS Joseph Blacksmith Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
HAWLEY Harry Youngtown 1890-91
HAWLEY Sidney Youngtown 1890-91
HAYES Timothy Farmer St Marys 1890-91
HEAPS Michael Prospector Perth Tas 1890-91
HEATH James Painter Perth Tas 1890-91
HEISE Charles Farmer St Marys 1890-91
HENDERSON David Carpenter Mangana 1890-91
HENDERSON John Fingal 1890-91
HENDERSON Robert Carpenter Mangana 1890-91
HEPBURN James Sheep farmer Avoca 1890-91
HERTEL Daniel Storekeeper Evandale 1890-91
HERTEL Shadrach Storekeeper Perth Tas 1890-91
HERTLE F Farmer Pateena 1890-91
HERTLE T.H. Farmer Pateena 1890-91
HEWITT Henry S Farmer Fingal 1890-91
HIBBERN Lewis Labourer GOSHEN 1890-91
HILL George Road Contractor Avoca 1890-91
HODGETTS Ormley 1890-91
HODKINSON John Tailor Evandale 1890-91
HOGARTH George W Farmer Breadalbane 1890-91
HOGARTH William Farmer Evandale 1890-91
HOGARTH William G Farmer Breadalbane 1890-91
HOGG John Farmer Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
HOLDEN John Labourer Deddington 1890-91
HOLDER Benjamin O Storekeeper Fingal 1890-91
HOLDER Thomas Storekeeper Fingal 1890-91
HOLLOWAY John Carpenter Falmouth 1890-91
HOLMAN & WILLIAMS Millers Perth Tas 1890-91
HOLMES William Labourer Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
HOMAN John Estate Manager Ormley 1890-91
HOMAN Robert Farmer Falmouth 1890-91
HOMAN Thomas Labourer Avoca 1890-91
HOMAN Thomas Carpenter Fingal 1890-91
HOMAN William Carrier Fingal 1890-91
HOOD Andrew Staionmaster Evandale 1890-91
HOOLOAN John Miner Mathinna 1890-91
HOPEWELL Timothy Farmer St Marys 1890-91
HOSBOROUGH William Hawker Perth Tas 1890-91
HOSKINS Arthur Bank Clerk Fingal 1890-91
HOSKINS Thomas Surgeon Fingal 1890-91
HOWETH James Painter Perth Tas 1890-91
HUGHES Edward Farmer Breadalbane 1890-91
HUGHES Richard Farmer Breadalbane 1890-91
HUME Henry Blacksmith Pateena 1890-91
HUME Richard Pateena 1890-91
HUME William Pateena 1890-91
HUREY Luke Mine Manager Mathinna 1890-91
HUTCHINS William H Teacher Breadalbane 1890-91
HUTCHISON James Overseer Youngtown 1890-91
HYDE Henry Post Office Youngtown 1890-91
IKIN John Labourer GOSHEN 1890-91
IRVINE Peter Mine Manager Mangana 1890-91
IRWIN james Farmer George's River 1890-91
JACKSON James Farmer George's River 1890-91
JACOBS Arthur Ellerslie 1890-91
JACOBS Charles Farmer Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
JACOBS Charles Wheelwright Youngtown 1890-91
JACOBS George Farmer Lymington (Nile) 1890-91
JACOBS James Overseer Deddington 1890-91
JARVIS Henry Lindsay & Jarvis Farmers Evandale 1890-91
JENKIN William H Postmaster Ben Lomond 1890-91
JESSEN Jess J Farmer St Marys 1890-91
JESTRINSKI Jacob Farmer George's River 1890-91
JOHNES Daniel Farmer Mathinna 1890-91
JOHNES David Farmer Mathinna 1890-91
JOHNES Thomas Farmer Mathinna 1890-91
JOHNS Thomas Labourer Mangana 1890-91
JOHNSON Robert Woodcutter Mathinna 1890-91
JOHNSTONE William Farmer White Hills 1890-91
JONES Griffith Miner Mathinna 1890-91
JONES John Labourer Deddington 1890-91
JONES John Farmer Mathinna 1890-91
JONES Mary Ann Teacher Avoca 1890-91
JONES Robert Miner Avoca 1890-91
JONES Robert Ben Lomond 1890-91
JONES Robert Miner Millbrook 1890-91
JORDAN Henry Farmer White Hills 1890-91
JOYCE Thomas Bootmaker Avoca 1890-91
JUDD George Labourer Perth Tas 1890-91