East Coast Convicts

List taken from
the Diary of Adam Amos.
I have more details,
i.e. CON numbers and who assigned to.
Please e-mail me for those.

ALDRIDGE, Peter Andromeda
ALLEN, John Medway
AMBROOK, John Caledonia
ANDERSON, William Minerva
ASPINAL, Abel Atlas
ATKINSON, Thomas Andromeda
BAILEY, Benjamin Lady East
BAIRD, Robert Lady East
BARBER, John Chapman
BARTON, Richard Arab
BASKET, Joseph Asia
BEST, George Bengal Merchant
BREARSLEY, Robert Layton
BREATT, Stephen Lady Castlereagh
BRINKWORTH, Sampson Prince of Orange
BRYANT, Henry Bengal Merchant
BUFF, Thomas Competitor
CLOSE, John Medway
CRAWLY, Charles Asia
CURRIE, John Chapman
DAGG, Joseph Caledonia
DAVIES, James Governor Ready
DAY, James Layton
DOYLE, Elizabeth Providence
DUNCAN, William Asia
FLACK, Henry Phoenix
FLACK, John Julie Anne
FLASHMAN, Charles Layton
FROST, Jack Lord Hungerford
GODBOLT, William Phoenix
GRAY, Frederick Sir Castle Forbes
HOLLAND, William Surrey
JACKSON, John Chapman
JONES, Robert Princess Charlotte
LEWIS, Edward Bengal Merchant
LILLEY, James Lady East
LINTON, John Woodman
MAITON, Mary Brothers
MUNSON, James Chapman
NASH, James Layton
NICHOLAS, William Layton
PACKHAM, James Chapman
PRATT, Thomas Prince of Orange
PRIEST, Evan Princess Charlotte
PUGH, George Lord Hungerford
RAPER, John Phoenix
RICHARDSON, William Countess of Harcourt
SANS, James Medway
SCHILENAKE, Riche Governor Ready
SEWELL, John Commodore Hays
SMITH, Benjamin E. Henrietta
SMITH, William Chapman
SMITH, William Marmion
SULLIVAN, Thomas Marmion
TAYLOR, James Phoenix
TAYLOR, William Prince of Orange
TILLEY, Edward Medway
WALKER, John Godfrey Webster
WESTGATE, Robert Chapman
WOODCOCK, Edward Charles Forbes
WORSLEY, William Godfrey Webster
WREN, William Medway

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