Glamorgan Residents

taken from Directory of Tasmania 1866, hard copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh

ALLEN, Edwin not stated Springs, Wye River
ALLEN, John Farmer Bicheno
ALLEN, Mrs Post office Lisdillon
AMOS, Adam not stated Glen Gala, River Swan
AMOS, John not stated Glen Herriot, River Swan
BALCOMB, Thomas not stated Swansea
BANKS, George not stated Swansea
BARBER, John Farmer Apsley River
BARBER, Robert Farmer Apsley River
BARLOW, William Schoolmaster near Doctor's Creek
BEDGEGOOD, Joseph not stated Bicheno
BELCHAMBERS, William not stated Gala Mill, Glen Gala
BELLETTE, James not stated Little Swanport
BEVIS, Henry not stated Swansea
BIRCHALL, Samuel not stated Swansea
BOARD, John not stated Apsley River
BOULTBIE, George P. not stated Brook Lodge, swan River
BRYANT, Henry not stated Freny Grove, near Denison's Rivulet
BURGESS, G.W.H. Surveyor Swansea
BUTLER, Joseph not stated Courland, near Bicheno
BUTLER, Mary Ann not stated Courland, near Bicheno
BUTLER, William Farmer Boomer Creek
CARNES, John Farmer Lisdillon
CARPENTER, John not stated Swansea
CARPENTER, Samuel not stated Swansea
CLARK, John Farmer Douglas River
COTTON, Francis not stated Kelvedon
COTTON, Francis, jun. not stated Benturore
COTTON, George Superintendent of police Swansea
COTTON, Henry Farmer Moulting Bay
COTTON, Thomas Farmer Kelvedon
DILGER, Christian not stated Swansea
DOVE, Rev. Thomas Church of Scotland minister Swansea
FILBEE, Richard not stated Swansea
FOGARTY, William not stated Red Banks
FRANKLIN, Henry not stated Swansea
FRYER, John not stated Swansea
FULLER, Edward not stated near Llandaff
GAMBLE, William not stated Glen Gala
GATHERCOLE, Richard Farmer Lisdillon
GEMMELL, James not stated Swamsea
GILLES, James not stated St. Alban's
GLOVER, Alfred Innkeeper & pilot Bicheno
GODDARD, Jacob not stated Swansea
GRAHAM, John A. not stated Swansea
GRAHAM, William not stated Swansea
GRAHAM, William jun. not stated Swansea
HARDY, Henry not stated North River
HARVEY, H. Sub-inspector of police Bicheno
HAYNES, David not stated Swansea
HEPBURN, Robert not stated Bellbrook
HEWLETT, James E. not stated near Bicheno
HICKEY, Martin not stated Swansea
HOLLIDAY, Robert not stated Swansea
HORRELL, William Farmer Swansea
HUME, Mrs. E. not stated Moulting Lagoon
HUNN, Jacob not stated Swansea
IRVINE, Robert not stated Swansea
JACK, William Farmer Mount Pleasant
JARRETT, William not stated Seymour
JENNINGS, Luke not stated Rocky Hills
JONES, Joseph not stated Rocky Hills
KEEPER, G. not stated Swansea
KING, John P. not stated Piermont Estate, near Swansea
LECKIE, William not stated Swansea
LEDBURY, Joseph not stated Comb End River
LOCKWOOD, William not stated Douglas River
LYNE, Henry not stated Comb End, near Apsley
LYNE, John not stated Apsley
LYNE, William J. not stated Apsley
MADSON, Jacob not stated Seymour
MAKEPEACE,Robert Swan Inn Swansea
MARSHALL, Henry Farmer near Bicheno
MASON, Rev. Joseph Church of England Minister Swansea
MAXLEY, Richard not stated Wye River
MCINTYRE, Duncan Farmer Douglas River
MCKERNON Rev John J. not stated Swansea
MEDLEN, Nicholas Farmer near Llandaff
MEREDITH, John not stated Cambria Estate, Cambria
MILLER, Peter Postmaster Swansea
MILLER, Robert Blacksmith Swansea
MILLS, Abraham not stated Seymour
MINSHALL, Thomas Farmer Lisdillon
MITCHELL, John not stated Lisdillon, Little Swanport
MUNSON, James not stated Springs
PARKES, Richard not stated Seymour
PATMORE, Joshua not stated Apslawn
PERRIN, Charles not stated Seymour
PETTIT,Thomas not stated Swansea
PHILLIPSON, Mrs. H.B. not stated Craigie Knowe, Cranbrook
PICKERING, William not stated Bicheno
PIKE, Joseph Farmer Ram Island
QUIN, Charles not stated Swansea
QUIN, Mrs. M. not stated Swansea
RADFORD, John not stated Little Swanport
RADFORD, Mrs. J. not stated Little Swanport
RAPP, Christian not stated Swansea
RATTENBURY, William not stated Lisdillon
REID, James not stated Piermont
RENNARD, Thomas not stated Swansea
ROBERTS, Edward not stated Grange
ROBERTS, George not stated Lisdillon
RYAN, Edmund not stated Swansea
SANDERS, Thomas Farmer near Bicheno
SHAW, Edward G. Coroner & commissioner of Supreme Court Red Banks
SIMPSON, R.L. Postmaster Seymour
SKEGGS, Richard not stated Cambria
SMITH, George not stated Swansea
SMITH, John not stated Swansea
SOMERS, George not stated Lisdillon
SPOONER, John not stated Swansea
STEPHENSON, Mrs. E. Pier Hotel Swansea
STIEGLITZ, Frederick L. not stated Apsley River
STIEGLITZ, Henry L. not stated Apsley River
STORY, G.F. Medical practioner Swansea
TILLEY, Joseph Innkeeper and postmaster Bicheno
VETERIDGE, John not stated Swansea
WAGNER, Michael not stated Swansea
WARDLAW, Robert jun. Farmer St. Albnan's
WATSON, Robert & G. not stated Sherbourn, Moulting Bay
WATSON, Thomas Deputy registrar Swansea
WEBBER, Maria not stated Piermont
WILKINS, William not stated Bicheno
WILSON, James not stated Swansea
WOLSEY, Robert not stated Springs
YEATES, H.B. Storekeeper Red Banks

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