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April 2000
List of known crew and passengers who died or arrived 19th May 1833 HOBART
TOWN aboard the 'ADELAIDE' which picked survivors up from RIO after the 5th
Feb 1833 mid Atlantic burning of the 'HIBERNIA' which left LIVERPOOL 27th
Nov 1832. 
ABEL James; ATKINSON Mr Charles [cabin]; BRENT William [Captain]; BROOMHALL Vincent; BROOMHALL William; BROOMLY William; BRYSON James; BUNKER Eliza; BUSHTON Ann; BUSHTON George; BUSHTON Timothy; BYRNE John; CAMPBELL Adelaide; CAMPBELL James; CAMPBELL Mary Ann [12yrs]; CAMPBELL James [9yrs]; CAMPBELL Eliza [8yrs]; CAMPBELL Thomas [5yrs]; CARPENTERS Mate [not named] COLBERT Ann; CONNELLY Mary; CONNELLY Pattrick; DEE Peter; DONNELLY Patrick; EASTBY James; ELLIOTT Thomas; FAVELL Mr J.B. [cabin - sailed for Sydney aboard Eliza 21.3.1833]; GEDDES Samuel [2nd Mate] GILLET Henry (wife and child drowned); GING Eliza; GRACE Mr William [cabin]; GRAHAM Thomas; GRAHAM Edwin; GRIFFIN Thomas; HARTLY Nathanial; HOLMES Robert; HONARD George; HORAN Thomas; JAMES John [Boatswain] LOGAN Ann; MAIDER sisters 4 [drowned at sea]; MATHEWS Ann; MEAGAN George; MORARTY Timothy; MOULTON Mary; MURRAY Mr Richard [Cabin] MURPHY John, PERRY Richard, RIDLEY Mr.[died 10 Feb cabin] RIDLEY Elizabeth [cabin remained in Rio de Janeiro] ROY Peter, SINCLAIR Mr Peter [cabin] SLY James, SLY Ellen, SMITH Emily, SMITH Isabella, STARKY William, TAYLOR Mr Henry M (cabin - 1st Mate), TAYLOR James, THOMPSON Elizabeth, TOOLE John, TOOLE Julia, TOOLE Ann (8), TOOLE Eliza (6), WATSON Mrs Rachael [cabin]; WEBSTER Cosmo WILLIAMSON James, WOOD Eliza. Nine unnamed steerage passengers also arrived aboard 'Adelaide' - may have included 2nd mate and boatswain].

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