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Hobart town Licensing - Office of Clerk of the Peace.
COLONIAL TREASURY Inland Revenue Branch 25th January, 1870
A LICENCE (in the form prescribed by "The Licensing Act") to retail liquor for the period ending 31st. day of December, 1870, (provided it be not forfeited before such day) has been granted to the under-mentioned individuals:- .

Taken from the Hobart Town Gazette
Indexed by David J Bryce

Author of "Pubs in Hobart from 1807",
published date 1997, ISBN 0 646 301470.

Listed in two indexes

Licensee Index 1870

Inns/Hotels/Taverns Index

INN/HOTEL/PUB Licensee Location District
Alabama Hotel FERGUSON William Liverpool Street Hobart District
Alabama Inn BRITTAIN Richard Shipwright's Point Franklin District
Albermarle rms TYNAN F. Goulburn Street Hobart District
Albert Inn WARD James Forcett Sorell District
Albion Hotel GREEN Annie H. George-street Launceston District
Albion Hotel HUTTON Wm. W. Elizabeth Street Hobart District
All Nations Hotel CALDWELL Charles Waterhouse George Town District
All Nations Hotel LILLEY E.M. Elizabeth Street Hobart District
All the Year Round COLE John Wellington-road Launceston District
Angel Inn CHAPMAN E.S. Argyle Street Hobart District
Ark Inn DAVIS William Falls New Norfolk District
Bald-faced Stag O'MEARA Daniel Cleveland Campbell Town District
Ballarat Hotel O'GRADY A.J. Waterhouse George Town District
Bath Arms CLAYFIELD Henry New Town Launceston District
Bath Arms READ Charles Murray Street Hobart District
Beaumont's Family Hotel BEAUMONT W.G. Liverpool Street Hobart District
Bellerive Hotel DAWSON J. Bellerive Clarence District
Berridale Hotel BRUMBY M.A. Longford Longford District
Berridale Inn ELLISS Henry Glenorchy Glenorchy District
Berridale Inn SMITH William jnr. Westbury Westbury District
Bird-in-Hand OLDHAM Peter Argyle Street Hobart District
Black Horse McCANN Margaret Elizabeth-street Launceston District
Black Prince HANSON William Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Black Snake KING John Bridgewater New Norfolk District
Black Swan HEAPS John George's Bay Fingal District
Blackwell's Hotel BLACKWELL Samuel Melton Mowbray Greenponds District
Blenheim Hotel HYRONS John Longford Longford District
Blue Bells of Scotland BATTERSEY Murray Street Hobart District
Bothwell Castle BOWDEN Edward Bothwell Bothwell District
Bridge Hotel BROOK G.C. Leven Port Sorell District
Bridge Hotel LEWIS Robert Richmond Richmond District
Bridge Inn BLAKE E. Pontville Brighton District
Bridge Inn CRESSWELL William Macquarie Street Hobart District
Bridgewater Hotel BRYCE Gavin Bridgewater Brighton District
Brisbane Hotel SIMMONS J.W. Brisbane-street Launceston District
British Hotel BUTLER Walter Liverpool Street Hobart District
British Hotel SEELIG Simon Deloraine Deloraine District
Brown Bear MONEY C.A. Harrington Street Hobart District
Brunswick Hotel WILSON William Liverpool Street Hobart District
Buckland Inn BLACKMORE Robert Buckland Springbay District
Builder's Hotel WIGGINS Robert Bathurst Street Hobart District
Bull and Mouth DALEY Elizabeth Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Bull's Head DAVIS James Goulburn Street Hobart District
Bull's Head TURNER William Charles-street Launceston District
Burnie Inn WISEMAN Thomas snr. Burnie Table Cape District
Bush Hotel OAKLEY Joseph New Norfolk New Norfolk District
Bush Inn EAST James Alveston Deloraine District
Bush Inn PEARSON George Bishopsbourne Longford District
Bush Inn WOOTTON T. West Tamar Launceston District
Butcher's Arms DONNELLY John Argyle Street Hobart District
Caledonian Inn SMITH John Campbell Town Campbell Town District
Caledonian Inn SMITH Mary Anne Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Caledonian Wine Vaults MASON John George-street Launceston District
Carpenter's Arms CLEPHANE Andrew Charles-street Launceston District
Carrick Hotel BLAIR John Carrick Westbury District
Cascade Inn NEWMAN Henry Cascade Road Hobart District
Chudleigh Inn PICKETT Daniel Chudleigh Deloraine District
City Hotel TALMAGE George St John-street Launceston District
City Norwich SIMMONS Julia Argyle Street Hobart District
Claremont Hotel FALL Thomas Evandale Morven District
Clarendon Hotel HARRIS R.J. Sandy Bay Hobart District
Club Hotel NEWMAN Ann Murray Street Hobart District
Club Tavern O'BEIRNE P.A. Liverpool Street Hobart District
Clyde Hotel WILLIAMS Wm. Hamilton Hamilton District
Coach & Horses THOMAS James Glenorchy Glenorchy District
Coach and Horses EVANS Henry Patterson-street Launceston District
Commercial & Family Hotel GILLAM Joseph Deloraine Deloraine District
Commercial Hotel BASSTIAN Wm Glenorchy Glenorchy District
Commercial Hotel BORRADALE Wm. Stanley Horton District
Commercial Hotel SCOTT Gavin George-street Launceston District
Commercial Inn BRITTAIN Henry Collins Street Hobart District
Commercial Inn SHERWOOD E. Perth Longford District
Cornish Mount ROBERTS William Barrack Street Hobart District
Court House Hotel BUTTERWORTH Mary Patterson-street Launceston District
Court House Hotel WISEMAN Thomas. Jnr. Wynyard Table Cape District
Cricket Club Hotel FEATHERSTONE Jas. Hadspen Launceston District
Criterion Hotel BROOKS Edward St John-street Launceston District
Criterion Hotel M'NEAZ John Deloraine Deloraine District
Criterion Hotel ROBERTSON J.T. Liverpool Street Hobart District
Crown & Anchor Inn JAMES W.J. New Town Hobart District
Crown Inn CAWE Edward Eliazabeth-street Launceston District
Crown Inn DRYDEN John Perth Longford District
Crown Inn KING John Cambridge Clarence District
Crown Inn MOYES William Bothwell Bothwell District
Crown Inn SHARP William Pontville Brighton District
Custom House Tavern DOWNIE Thomas Murray Street Hobart District
Dallas Arms ALLEN Elizabeth Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Davey Street Inn PRIEST James Davey Street Hobart District
Deddington Inn JACOBS J. & C. Deddington Morven District
Deloraine Inn POOLE John Deloraine Deloraine District
Denison Hotel TURNER George Macquarie Street Hobart District
Derwent Hotel PILKINGTON Wm Falls New Norfolk District
Derwent Hotel WATKINS Mary Ann Murray Street Hobart District
Derwent Hotel WOOD Thomas Bridgewater Brighton District
Derwent Inn JENNINGS Thomas D. Risdon Ferry Glenorchy District
Devonshire Arms THOMAS W. Macquarie Street Hobart District
Doctor Syntax BENNETT William Sandy Bay Hobart District
Dog and Partridge DAVIS E. Ann Barrack Street Hobart District
Don Hotel Williams Zh. Don Bridge Port Sorell District
Dover Hotel HOSKINS James Port Esperance Franklin District
Duchess of Kent HURST James Murray Street Hobart District
Duke of Clarence TROWBRIDGE John Liverpool Street Hobart District
Duke of Edinburgh KENNEDY Thomas Bathurst Street Hobart District
Duke of Wellington FREEMAN John Wellington-road Launceston District
Duke of Wellington GILL James B. Barrack Street Hobart District
Duke of York PRENTIS Ann Hampden Road Hobart District
Dunally Hotel SCRIMGER George Dunally Sorell District
Dusty Miller NICHOLS Wm. Glenorchy Glenorchy District
Eagle Hawk JONES T.H. Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Eagle's Return HOGG William Snake Banks Morven District
Eardley Arms EASTON George Melbourne Street Hobart District
East Tamar Inn EDWARDS C. East Tamar Launceston District
Edinbro' Castle BEAVAN Henry Bathurst-street Launceston District
Electric Telegraph JOHNSON John Morrison Street Hobart District
Elephant and Castle ATKINSON William Frederick-street Launceston District
Elephant and Castle WEBB William Bathurst Street Hobart District
Emu Tavern BANKS John Liverpool Street Hobart District
Enfield Hotel PANTON Edward E. Charles-street Launceston District
Englebert's Hotel ENGLEBERT Charles Campbell Town Campbell Town District
Entally Inn FOGARTY Elizabeth Carrick Westbury District
Epping Hotel SMITH James Corners Campbell Town District
Epsom Hotel BULLEN William Brighton Brighton District
Exchange Inn BROWN Daniel Kempton Greenponds District
Falmouth Hotel DUNN George Falmouth Fingal District
Farmer's Arms HARDMAN Thomas White Hills Morven District
Fenton Arms BUSH Andrew Glenora New Norfolk District
Fern Tree Inn HALL John Huon Road Hobart District
Fern Tree Inn HALL John Fern Tree Hobart District
Ferry House Inn DEAYTON Alfred Port Maldon River Cam. Table Cape District
Fire Brigade BURSTON William Brisbane-street Launceston District
Flag of Truce RANSLEY Robert Glenora New Norfolk District
Florence Nightingale MORTON William Morrison Street Hobart District
Forest Hotel FITZGERALD Wm. Epping Forest Campbell Town District
Formby Hotel QUIN John Formby Port Sorell District
Fossil Bank Inn JOHNSON William Fossil Bank Port Sorell District
Fountain Inn SLIDE E. Argyle Street Hobart District
Franklin Hotel BROWN Elijah Franklin Franklin District
Freemason's Arms BAIN John Murray Street Hobart District
Freemason's Hotel TAPPING Mary Ann Harrington Street Hobart District
Freemason's Hotel THOMPSON Richard New Norfolk New Norfolk District
Gard's Hotel GARD Edward Sorell Sorell District
General Havelock CHAPPEL S. Westbury Westbury District
George and Dragon KNOWLES George Elizabeth Street Hobart District
George Inn RICE Patrick Elizabeth-street Launceston District
George Town Hotel HYRONS Benjamin George Town George Town District
Glasgow Wine Vaults DAVIS Philip George-street Launceston District
Globe Inn EMBLEY Frederick Antill Street Hobart District
Golden Cross CLUES John Murray Street Hobart District
Golden Lion BISHOP James New Norfolk New Norfolk District
Good Woman CUNNINGHAM William Argyle Street Hobart District
Gordan Highlander FEATHERSTONE Thos. Sorell Sorell District
Great Western Hotel CLANCY G. Westbury Westbury District
Gretna Green Hotel MATHEWS James Macquarie Plains Hamilton District
Greyhound Inn FEATHERSTONE John Antill Street Hobart District
Hadspen Hotel STANLEY Joseph Hapspen Launceston District
Hagley Inn EAST Mary Hagley Westbury District
Half-way House DEABLE Charles Antill Ponds Oatlands District
Half-way House THORS A.F. Lower. Jerusalem Richmond District
Hamilton Hotel FOLEY Jeremiah Forth Port Sorell District
Harbourne Hotel HUETT J.H. Whitefoord Hills Deloraine District
Harvest Home WOODS Andrew New Town Hobart District
Harvest Home ALLEN William Port Cygnet Franklin District
Help-me-through-the-World SPELLMAN J. Liverpool Street Hobart District
Herne Bay Hotel DINEN Three Hut Point Hobart District
Hibernia Inn CULLEN John James Liverpool Street Hobart District
Hibernia Inn GREEN Jane Brisbane-street Launceston District
Hit or Miss BEZETTE Charles Liverpool Street Hobart District
Hit-or-Miss CLELAND Wm Hamilton Hamilton District
Hobart Town Hotel LAZARUS Joseph Macquarie Street Hobart District
Holyrood House THOMPSON T. Murray Street Hobart District
Hope and Anchor KNAPPER Stephen Macquarie Street Hobart District
Hope Inn WILLIAMS Susannah Westbury Westbury District
Horse & Jockey BRUFF Thomas York-street Launceston District
Horse & Jockey COOLEY T.T. New Town Glenorchy District
Horse & Jockey GREEN Joseph Rokeby Clarence District
Horse-shoe Inn SIMPSON W. Cambridge Clarence District
Jerusalem Inn LAMB Charles Jerusalem Richmond District
Joiner's Arms NORTON James Macquarie Street Hobart District
Jolly Butchers CROOKES C.M. Balfour-street Launceston District
Jolly Farmers BENNETT James Red Hills Deloraine District
Jolly Hatters COWBURN William Melville Street Hobart District
Jordan Inn TONKS Richard Black Brush Brighton District
Junction Inn JOYCE A.J. Junction Deloraine District
Kean's Hotel BERGAN James Campbell Town Campbell Town District
Kensington Inn PRIEST Thomas Argyle Street Hobart District
Kent Hotel CHESTERMAN Franklin Franklin District
Kentish Hotel BOURKE James Oatlands Oatlands District
Kentishbury Hotel CLARK Allan Kentishbury-road Port Sorell District
Kingston Hotel LUCAS T.W. Kingston Hobart District
Labour-in-Vain SANDERS Jane Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Lady Franklin Hotel TABOR John Franklin Franklin District
Latrobe Inn ATKINSON G. jnr. Latrobe Port Sorell District
Launceston Hotel MORRISON Ellen Brisbane-street Launceston District
Lennox Arms RYLY Thomas Richmond Richmond District
Leven Inn McDONALD G. jnr. Ulverstone Port Sorell District
Lime Kiln Inn WATSON Frederick Veteran's Row Hobart District
Lion Inn LEWIS William Jerusalem Richmond District
Lloyd's Hotel McDONNELL J. P. Argyle Street Hobart District
London Family Hotel WATSON F.B. St John-street Launceston District
London Wine Vaults McLAREN H. Liverpool Street Hobart District
Longley Inn FISHER Joseph Longley Hobart District
Lord Melbourne BROMWICH John Melville Street Hobart District
Lord Nelson SMITH Maria Campbell Street Hobart District
Lord Raglan JAMES H.J. Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Lord Rodney WOOD Mary Ann Salamanca Place Hobart District
Lymington PEARCE John Lymington Morven District
Macquarie Hotel KEAN Michael Ross Ross District
Macquarie Hotel RICHARDS Ann Evandale Morven District
Man of Ross COUSINS James Liverpool Street Hobart District
Man of War BYE June C. Argyle Street Hobart District
Mangana Hotel ROBINS George Mangana Fingal District
Marine Hotel BLACKBURN John Wharf Launceston District
Marine Hotel PIE James Murray Street Hobart District
Mariner's Compass KELEHER Murray Street Hobart District
Market House Tavern CROW Benjamin William-street Launceston District
Market House Tavern DRUMMOND Louisa Longford Longford District
Marquis of Hastings DEVINE Daniel Brisbane Street Hobart District
Marsh Inn NIXON Joseph Exton Westbury District
Maypole Inn SHADWICK A. New Town Hobart District
McLaren's Hotel McLAREN William Collins Street Hobart District
Mersey Hotel STEPHENS Mary Torquay Port Sorell District
Midlands Hotel BAYLEY G. Oatlands Oatlands District
Montpelier Retreat QUINLAN Michael Montpelier Street Hobart District
Morning Star Inn TORPY Michael Margate Hobart District
Mountain Retreat BRYANT Joseph Macquarie Street Hobart District
Nag's Head MEAD William Melville Street Hobart District
Native Youth BLYTH Thomas New Town Hobart District
Native Youth Hotel TILLY Joseph Bicheno Glamorgan District
Nautilus Hotel OLDHAM E. New Wharf Hobart District
Neptune Inn ANDREWS James New Wharf Hobart District
New Inn WILLCOX Thos. Hamilton Hamilton District
New Market Inn LAWTON John Argyle Street Hobart District
Newstead Inn UPTON J.G. Newstead Launceston District
Nile Hotel TUCK Thomas Fordun Morven District
Oatlands Hotel CURRIE E. Oatlands Oatlands District
Ocean Child CHAMPION William Argyle Street Hobart District
O'Connell Hotel MITCHELL R.F. Wellington-street Launceston District
Odd Fellows Hotel COX William Deloraine Deloraine District
Old Bell SMITH Margaret Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Old Commodore FULTON W.B. Brisbane Street Hobart District
Old Hamilton Inn LANGDON Wm Hamilton Hamilton District
Oporto Wine & Spirit Vaults READ John Liverpool Street Hobart District
Original Star & Garter ALLWRIGHT T. New Norfolk New Norfolk District
Ouse Bridge Hotel SMITH Hannah The Ouse Hamilton District
Oxford Arms WARLAND Edmund Goschen Fingal District
Park Hotel BILLINGS H.C. Colville Street Hobart District
Patriot King DUFFELL John Evandale Morven District
Pembroke Hotel FELMINGHAM John Triabunna Springbay District
Perth Hotel BENJAMIN Joseph Perth Longford District
Phoenix Hotel HEATHER James Old Wharf Hobart District
Pickwick Tavern BARON John Liverpool Street Hobart District
Picnic Hotel RATHBONE E. Victoria Franklin District
Pier Hotel MAKEPEACE Chas. Swansea Glamorgan District
Pioneer Hotel BARLOW Wm Waterhouse George Town District
Piper's River Hotel JONES Richard Piper's River George Town District
Plough and Harrow MACKRELL A. Murray Street Hobart District
Plough Inn BARRETT Thomas Stanley Horton District
Plough Inn HARRIS Walter Charles-street Launceston District
Plough Inn MARTIN W. Bellerive Clarence District
Plough Inn MURNANE E Longford Longford District
Plough Inn TYNAN John Alveston Deloraine District
Plough Inn WALDRON L.B. Carrick Westbury District
Port Cygnet Hotel RUSSELL John Port Cygnet Franklin District
Prince Albert Inn PAYNE Samuel New Town Glenorchy District
Prince Alfred STANTON Job Macquarie Street Hobart District
Prince Napoleon ROBINSON Ann Hampden Road Hobart District
Prince of Wales BURGESS William Hampden Road Hobart District
Prince of Wales HARRIS Wm. Brine York-street Launceston District
Prince of Wales LEITH Thomas Carrick Westbury District
Prince of Wales SOLOMON W.A. Fingal Fingal District
Prince of Wales Hotel HILL George Longford Longford District
Prince of Wales Inn BAKER John Franklin Village Launceston District
Prince of Wales Inn BAYLEY A.C. Broad Marsh Brighton District
Prince of Wales Inn SIDEBOTTOM Wm. Evandale Morven District
Quarryman's Arms PRESS James Argyle Street Hobart District
Queen's Arms Hotel GOODMAN Thomas Longford Longford District
Queen's Head GRAY William Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Queen's Head PECK Joshua Wellington-street Launceston District
Queen's Head Hotel RUSSELL Wm. Perth Longford District
Race-course Hotel SMITH J.T. Mowbray Launceston District
Railway Hotel CLARKE John Longford Longford District
Railway Hotel DAVIS Samuel Latrobe Port Sorell District
Railway Hotel HARRIS David Deloraine Deloraine District
Railway Hotel LEY James George Town Road Launceston District
Railway Inn HORSNELL John Molle Street Hobart District
Railway Tavern D'ARCY William York-street Launceston District
Railway Tavern WILLIAMS James Perth Longford District
Rainbow Inn LATHAM F. Liverpool Street Hobart District
Rainbow Inn STONE John New Town Hobart District
Ramsgate Hotel DOMENEY W.L. Recherche Bay Franklin District
Rear Admiral Hornby SWAN George Salamanca Place Hobart District
Retreat Inn CARTER William Triabunna Springbay District
Retreat Inn HEDDITCH E. Latrobe Port Sorell District
Retreat Inn LUCAS W.R. Kingston Hobart District
Ringwood Hotel WRIGHT E.S. Cressy Longford District
Rising Sun PITCHER Josiah Prospect Village Launceston District
River View Hotel SCOTT Charles Sandy Bay Hobart District
Rob Roy Inn HURD Joseph Liverpool Street Hobart District
Rock Hotel MOORE Joshua Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Rose and Crown HYMANS Israel Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Rose Hotel ROSEVEAR Thomas West Tamar Launceston District
Ross Hotel BACON Charles Ross Ross District
Royal Exchange ALLEN Philip Campbell Street Hobart District
Royal Hotel FLUKES George Peppermint Bay Hobart District
Royal Hotel ILES Samuel. Jnr. Sorell Sorell District
Royal Hotel MASKELL James Longford Longford District
Royal Hotel NEW Maria E. Bagdad Brighton District
Royal Hotel WATCHORN John Liverpool Street Hobart District
Royal Mail SPEARMAN William Charles-street Launceston District
Royal Oak BAILY John Cross Marsh Greenponds District
Royal Oak BANKS Abraham Evandale Morven District
Royal Oak BROUGHTON John Macquarie Street Hobart District
Royal Oak HARRIS Sarah Watchorn Street Hobart District
Royal Oak MANN John Oaks Westbury District
Royal Oak RANKIN William Brisbane-street Launceston District
Royal Squadron Hotel BEZETTE George Liverpool Street Hobart District
Royal Standard SPENCE James Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Saddler's Arms SPICER John Elizabeth Town Deloraine District
Sailor's Return CHILDS John Old Wharf Hobart District
Salmon and Ball LILLY James Charles-street Launceston District
Salutation COOK William Liverpool Street Hobart District
Scotch Thistle TUCKER F.J. Ross Ross District
Scottish Chief WEST Benjamin Wellington-street Launceston District
Shades Tavern MORLING James Old Wharf Hobart District
Shakespeare Hotel DYSON Joseph Quadrant Launceston District
Shamrock Inn JOHNSTONE W.T. Hill Top Deloraine District
Sheffield Inn POWLETT John Kentishbury Port Sorell District
Shelston Hotel HERBERTSON A. jnr. Grass Tree Hill Richmond District
Sherwood Inn JOHNSON J.G. Sherwood Port Sorell District
Ship Hotel HATAM Charles Collins Street Hobart District
Ship Inn BRYANT William Wharf Launceston District
Ship Inn LENNARD Richard Burnie Table Cape District
Ship Inn WILSON Charles Stanley Horton District
Shipwright's Arms ELWELL Samuel Battery Point Hobart District
Sir George Arthur SCREEN Mary Anne Campbell Street Hobart District
Sir John Falstaff BROWN George Campbell Street Hobart District
Sir John Franklin GIBBONS John Murray Street Hobart District
Sir William Don HILL Thomas Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Sir William Wallace GEE Thomas Franklin Village Launceston District
Southport Hotel KENNEDY John Southport Franklin District
Splitter's Arms EARL Robert Ballahoo Port Sorell District
Sportsman's Hotel HUDSON John Charles-street Launceston District
St Andrew's Inn KIRKBY John Cleveland Campbell Town District
St Leonard's Hotel HARRIS William St Leonard's Launceston District
St Mary's Hotel HARDY Thomas St Mary's Fingal District
St. Patrick's Inn HORNER Francis Barrack Street Hobart District
Star and Garter BRIGGS Henry Richmond Richmond District
Star Hotel SHERIDAN Ann A. Charles-street Launceston District
Star Inn MARSHALL Henry Goulburn Street Hobart District
Star of Tasmania CLARKE T.H. Battery Point Hobart District
Steam Hammer Inn HAMMOND James Macquarie Street Hobart District
Steam Packet Hotel DYNAN Timothy Lower George-street Launceston District
Steam Packet Inn DAVEY Thomas Old Wharf Hobart District
Stowell Arms NOKES William Elizabeth Street Hobart District
Swan Inn CARSON John King's Meadows Launceston District
Swan Inn PALMER John Upper Bagdad Greenponds District
Sydney Hotel JONES Robert Elizabeth-street Launceston District
Talbot Arms GATTY John Fingal Fingal District
Talbot Inn RUSHTON William New Town Hobart District
Tam o'Shanter BULL William Canning-street Launceston District
Tankard's Hotel TANKARD M. Waterhouse George Town District
Tasmania Inn COLLINGS H.T. Patterson-street Launceston District
Tasmanian Hotel DUNCAN William Fingal Fingal District
Tasmanian Inn COX George Norfolk Plains Longford District
Tasmanian Inn HAMMOND Perth Longford District
Tasmanian Inn MORTON George Campbell Street Hobart District
Terminus Hotel MENCE W.H. William-street Launceston District
Thatched House PATTERSON John Argyle Street Hobart District
Torquay Hotel LYONSJoshua Torquay Port Sorell District
Traveller's Rest BRYANT Thomas Muddy Plains Launceston District
Traveller's Rest CHAFFEY William Sandy Bay Hobart District
Traveller's Rest COWARD George Mount Direction George Town District
Traveller's Rest DENTON James Brushy Plains Richmond District
Traveller's Rest DIAMOND Andrew Wattle Hill Sorell District
Traveller's Rest LETHBORG John Scottsdale Launceston District
Traveller's Rest SMITH Joseph Glenorchy Glenorchy District
Turf Hotel SHELVERTON Eliza. Kempton Greenponds District
Turkish Bath Hotel BURT George Harrington Street Hobart District
Union Hotel BREHENY Patrick Stanley Horton District
Union Hotel CARVER Eliza Campbell Street Hobart District
Union Hotel FOSTER Avoca Fingal District
Union Inn ARNOLD Thomas New Norfolk New Norfolk District
Union Inn JONES Frederick George-street Launceston District
Victoria Inn GREAVES Joseph Kempton Greenponds District
Victoria Inn JONES James Lewisham Sorell District
Victoria Inn McEWAN J. Tunbridge Oatlands District
Victoria Tavern RILEY Lewis Murray Street Hobart District
Vine Tavern WEARE Thomas Liverpool Street Hobart District
Volunteer Hotel HARDY John George-street Launceston District
Waggon and Horses ROWLANDS Wm. Argyle Street Hobart District
Wardour Castle Inn FLYNN Peter Oatlands Oatlands District
Webb's Hotel WEBB John Murray Street Hobart District
Westbury Inn LYALL Robert Westbury Westbury District
Westmoreland Hotel WHEELER James Cressy Longford District
Wheat Sheaf HOATH Ephraim New Norfolk New Norfolk District
Wheat Sheaf Inn WILSON Joseph Macquarie Street Hobart District
Wheatsheaf SHEA Bartholomew Llewellyn Campbell Town District
White Conduit House SETON Henry Murray Street Hobart District
White Hart ARNETT Simon Bothwell Bothwell District
White Hart CHESTER William Welliigton-street Launceston District
White Hills Inn LIVSEY John White Hills Morven District
White Horse WILLIAMS Ann Liverpool Street Hobart District
White Horse Inn FISH Isaiah Oatlands Oatlands District
White Lion FLEMING George Harrington Street Hobart District
White Pheasant CRANE George Goulburn Street Hobart District
Wiggin's Hotel WIGGINS James Murray Street Hobart District
Wilmot Arms HARVEY Wm. Kempton Greenponds District
Wilmot Arms NEWBY John Oatlands Oatlands District
Wilmot Arms SULLIVAN John Brisbane-street Launceston District
Woodpecker Inn LEGG Ann Harrington Street Hobart District
Woolpack Inn BARKER Richard Breadalbane Launceston District
Woolpack Inn JARVIS Thomas Macquarie Plains Hamilton District
Woolpack Inn PAICE Thomas Avoca Fingal District
York Hotel COLLINS Robert Brisbane Street Hobart District
York Hotel HARRIS Wm. Job. York-street Launceston District
York Hotel LODGE J. Tunbridge Oatlands District
York Hotel OLDHAM Thos Glenorchy Glenorchy District
Young Queen EDMONDS Ann Collins Street Hobart District
Young Queen MASKELL William Bothwell Bothwell District
Young Town Inn COOTE Isaac Young Town Launceston District

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