Licences to Retail

1842 - 43
Internal Revenue Office - 4th October, 1842.

A licence to retail Wines, Spirits, &c. for the period ending 29th September, in the year now next ensuing (provided it be not forfeited before such day), has been granted to the under-mentioned individuals respectively :- A. TURNBULL, Collector of Internal Revenue. .

Taken from the Hobart Town Gazzette
Indexed by David J Bryce

Author of "Pubs in Hobart from 1807",
published date 1997, ISBN 0 646 301470.

Listed in two indexes


Inns/hotels Index

Hotel/Inn Licensee Location
Albermarle Arms TYNAN Francis Goulbourn St Hobart-town
Anchor & Hope McLAUGHLIN James Wellington St Launceston
Angel Inn LOVICK Thomas Argyle St Hobart-town
Assembly Hotel ENGLEBERT Charles Campbell Town
Bagdad Hotel WING Jacob Bagdad
Bath Inn PAGE John Lemon Springs
Bay Horse WALKER William Goulbourn St Hobart-town
Bird in Hand MEZGER John Argyle St Hobart-town
Birmingham Arms SHARMAN William Murray Street Hobart-town
Black Bull LATHAM George Henry Harrington St Hobart-town
Black Horse BARRETT John Elizabeth & Wellington L'ton
Black Prince ROWBOTHAM Francis Elizabeth St Hobart-town
Black Swan WALKER Robert Argyle St Hobart-town
Blue Anchor MATHEWS James The Falls New Norfolk
Bothwell Castle Hotel COCKERILL Henry Mylam Bothwell
Bridge Inn MURPHY Daniel Richmond
Bridgewater Hotel ANSON Richard Green Point Brighton
British Hotel MARTIN John Liverpool St. Hobart-town
British Wine Vaults MURRAY Hugh Liverpool St Hobart-town
Brunswick Wine Vaults MILLS George Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Bull Inn RAWLINGS James Prosser's Plains
Bull's Head COLLINS William Charles & Brisbane Sts L'ton.
Bull's Head WILMOT John Goulbourn St Hobart-town
Bush Inn ELWIN William New Norfolk
Butchers' Arms MARTIN Luke Argyle St Hobart-town
Canterbury Inn ANDERSON James Hollow Tree Oatlands
Canterbury Inn SALTER William Elizabeth St Hobart-town
Cape of Good Hope EYRES John Black Marsh
Castle Inn DAVIS John Pontville
Coach & Horses THORN Thomas Charles & Paterson L'ton.
Commercial Inn BLACKBURN George Collins Street Hobart
Commercial Inn ELLIS William Henry Green Ponds
Crooked Billet COX Francis Brighton
Cross Keys BREAN William York Street Launceston
Crown & Anchor BLACKHALL Samuel New Town
Crown Inn CRAWN James Pontville
Crown Inn MacDONALD James Bothwell
Derwent Hotel PEPPERS John William Murray Street Hobart-town
Derwent Tavern MADDEN George Elizabeth St Hobart-town
Dog & Partridge RICHARDSON Thomas Barrack Street Hobart-town
Dover Castle LEACH George Brisbane Street Launceston
Duchess of Kent BUSH Robert Murray Street Hobart-town
Dusty Miller CARLING Thomas O'Brien's Bridge Hobart-town
Eagle Hawk HEARLE James New Town Road
Eagles Return WHITEHEAD James Snake Banks
Edinburgh Castle READING Henry Elizabeth St Launceston
Elephant & Castle MASON William Wellington St Launceston
Elephant & Castle WEBB William Bathurst St Hobart-town
Evening Star RADFORD John Big River Little Swan Port
Exchange Wine Vaults BRIGG William Charles & Paterson L'ton.
Ferry House Inn BENJAMIN Henry Samuel New Norfolk Road
Fortune of War TAME George Macquarie St Hobart-town
Franklin Hotel ANDERSON John Oatlands
Freemasons' Tavern CLARK Peregrine Harrington St Hobart-town
George & Dragon IVES Jonothan Charles & York Sts L'ton.
Glasgow Wine Vaults McALLAN Josias George & Cammeron Sts L'ton
Glasgow Wine Vaults WILSON Edward Elizabeth St Hobart-town
Globe Inn WORN George Davey Street Hobart
Golden Lion RADFORD George William Street Launceston
Gordon Castle PROBIN Charles Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Gray's Inn PUNSHON William Patrick Street Hobart-town
Green Gate MAIN John Wellington St Launceston
Haberdashers' Arms WITT William Elizabeth St Hobart-town
Halfway House GREENBANKS Edward Antill Ponds
Hamilton Inn COLLINS John Hamilton
Harvest Home FLUDE Thomas New Town Rd Hobart-town
Hibernia Hotel LEWIS William Bathurst Street Launceston
Highlander JAMES Troy Kangaroo Point
Hit or Miss MIDDLETON James Hamilton
Horse Shoe Inn BYRNE John Cambridge
Inverary Castle GOLDER John Oatlands
Jolly Hatters CHAMPION William Melville St Hobart-town
Kensington Inn CONNOR Thomas O'Brien's Bridge
Kensington Inn FRIEDMAN Isaac Bathurst St Hobart-town
King Charle's Oak OLIVER Henry Macquarie St Hobart-town
King George WALFORD Bernard New Wharf Hobart-town
King's Head BARRETT Joseph Brisbane St Launceston
Lake Dulverton Inn AITCHESON George Oatlands
Lamb Inn SMITH John Jerusalem
Lennox Arms OCKERBY Richard Richmond
London Hotel HYRONS Benjamin St John St Launceston
Lord Hobart TLATHAM Phoebe Barrack Street Hobart-town
Lord Melbourne FURBER John Melville St Hobart-town
Mail Coach Inn MARTINWilliam Fox New Norfolk Road
Mariner's Compass CARTER James Murray Street Hobart-town
Mawle's Hotel MAWLE William Bagdad
Mitre Tavern DODERY William Longford
Mogul LOWE James Argyle St Hobart-town
Morning Star MARTIN Thomas Spring Bay
Nag's Head BOYD John Melville St Hobart-town
New Inn MOWATT John Hamilton
Oatland's Hotel PAGE Samuel Oatlands
Old Fox Inn OUTRIDGE John Alfred Glenarchy Hobart-town
Old Hamilton Inn DREW Thomas Hamilton
Ordnance Arms THOMPSON Richard Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Original Star & Garter MARTIN John New Norfolk
Pembroke Inn MILLS Maria Sorell
Pickwick Tavern WILLIAMS James Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Plough & Harrow ALLEN John Murray Street Hobart-town
Plough Inn GRANT Charles Charles St Launceston
Plough Inn RUDGE John Norfolk Plains
Prince Albert SHADWICK John Collins Street Hobart
Prince of Wales SUTTON William Evandale
Quarryman's Arms WARFORD John Argyle St Hobart-town
Queen's Arms AHERNE Thomas Harrington St Hobart-town
Rainbow Inn KEAN Hugh Campbell Town
Rising Sun GAYLOR Charles Bathurst St Hobart-town
Rob Roy JONES Henry Lincoln
Rose and Crown HYAMS Israel New Town Rd Hobart-town
Royal Oak JONES Henry Green Ponds
Saint Andrew ROBINSON Thomas Harrington St Hobart-town
Saracen's Head THOMPSON Henry & William Maycock Bagdad
Saw Mill BIGGINS Samuel Murray Street Hobart-town
Scotch Thistle TUCKER Thomas Ross
Seven Stars GUEST George Campbell St Hobart-town
Ship Hotel LESTER John Providence Collins Street Hobart-town
Sir Thomas Brisbane CLEARY William Veteran's Row Hobart-town
Sir William Wallace LYONS Joshua Franklin Village
Star Inn MARSHALL Henry Goulbourn St Hobart-town
Steam Packet Tavern WOOD Augustus George Town
Stowell Arms CLEGHORN John Elizabeth St Hobart-town
Swan Inn PALMER John Bagdad
Swan Tavern JAMES John Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Tamar Hotel COWARD Charles East Tamar Launceston
Target Inn HASKELL Harriett Molle St Hobart-town
Tasmanian Inn BASTIAN Neil Campbell St Hobart-town
The Belvidere JOHNSON Samuel Elizabeth Street Hobart
The Fountain CROOK James Argyle St Hobart-town
The Fountain SKELTON William The Falls New Norfolk
The Harrow SHUTTLE James Clarence Plains
The Highlander McGUINNESS Hugh Macquarie St Hobart-town
The Kangaroo HINSHAW John Wellington & Paterson L'ton
The Old Bell COOPER Edward Elizabeth St Hobart-town
The Patriot King WILLIATT John Evandale
The Plough DAWSON John Henry Kangaroo Point
The Scottish Chiefs McKENZIE John Wellington & Canning L'ton.
The Shades BEAUMONT William George Old Wharf Hobart-town
The Victoria McGRATH John Murray Street Hobart-town
The White Pheasant SMITH William Goulbourn St Hobart-town
Traveller's Home WEBBER James Goulbourn St Hobart-town
Travellers' Home PATERSON Joseph Sorell
Travellers' Rest CHAFFEY William Sandy Bay
Travellers' Rest LEWIS Frederick William Swansea
Turk's Head WOODWARD John Restdown Ferry
Union Hotel BRADLEY Samuel Campbell St Hobart-town
Union Hotel CLARKE Nicholas George & Brisbane Sts L'ton.
Victoria Tavern BARTLETT Edmund George & York Sts L'ton
Vine Tavern BELL Robert Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Waggon & Horses DORMER Henry Argyle St Hobart-town
Waterloo Tavern JONES Richard Murray Street Hobart-town
Waterloo Tavern RUDKIN Jonathan Stammers George Town
Waterman's Arms HEFFORD Jeremiah Liverpool St. Hobart-town
Westbury Inn FORBES William Westbury
Whale Fishery MASON Ann Bathurst Street Hobart
Whalers' Return WHITBY George New Wharf Hobart-town
Wharf House LUKIN George Wharf Launceston
White Horse LEWIS Gideon & MURTAGH William Liverpool Street Hobart
William the Fourth LEWIS George Liverpool St Hobart-town
York and Albany NICHOLS Thomas Oatlands
York Wine Vaults TILDESLEY Caroline York Street Launceston
Young Queen FISHER James Bothwell

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