Residents of Launceston

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Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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ABBOTT, William Watchmaker & jeweller Brisbane Street
ACKERMAN, Edward Fancy repository Charles Street
ACKERMAN Bathurst Street
ADAMS, James Canning Street
AHERNE, John Wellington Street
AHERNE, Patrick George Street
AIKENHEAD, James Secretary, Cornwall Insurance Co..  
AIKENHEAD, William High Street
AIRD, Alexander William Street
AIRD, Thomas William Street
ALEXANDER, Henry York Street
ALEXANDER, Abraham Canning Street
ALEXANDER, Robert Charles Street
ALLANBY, William S. Residence St. John Street
ALLEN, Samuel Residence York Street
ALLEN, W.H. Watchmaker & jeweller Charles Street
ALLEN, George Laura Street
ALLSOP, William Labourer Margaret Street
ALLUM, George Labourer New Town Road
ANDERSON, John Carpenter George Street
ANDERSON & WHITTON Stonemasons Brisbane Street
ANDERSON, John St. John Street
ANDERSON, Thomas Anne Street
ANDERSON, George George Street
ANDERSON, William Welman Street
ANDREWS, Thomas Hawker Elizabeth Street
ANGEL, W. George Residence York Street
ARCHIBALD, William Cimitiere Street
ARCHER, Thomas Charles Street
ARCHER, William Brisbane Street
ARCHER, John Balfour Street
ARCHER, William Victoria Street
ARCHER, Henry Charles Street
ARNOLD, Edward Tinsmith Wellington Street
ARNOLD, John Crescent
ARMITAGE, David Tallow chandler Cimitiere Street
ATKINSON, Richard Engineer Patterson Street
ATKINSON, Edward Saddler Canning Street
ATKINSON, William Licensed victualler Wellington Street
ATKINSON, James Brisbane Street
ATKINSON, John Residence High Street
ATLEY, Thomas Fruiterer Brisbane Street
ATTO, Thomas Labourer Westcombe Street
AUSTRALASIA, Bank of Manager, W. Turnbull Cameron Street
AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL Provident Society Agent, Isaac Sherwin Balfour Street
AVERY, William Car proprietor Brisbane Street
AVERY, David George Street
AYRES, John Frankland Street
BABINGTON, George Frederick Street
BAILEY, James Upton street
BAILEY, James Laura Street
BAILEY, Walter Hill-side Crescent
BAILEY, Richard Hill Street
BAIN, William George Street
BAIN, Robert St. John Street
BAIRD, James Balfour Street
BAKER, George Frederick Street
BAKER, Edgar Brisbane Street
BAKER, Edward St. John Street
BAKER, John Labourer Bathurst Street
BALL, Robert Lyttleton Street
BANKS, William Hairdresser Wellington Street
BARRETT, John Timber merchant Brisbane Street
BARRETT, Abraham Paterson's Plains Road
BARRETT, John Frankland Street
BARCLAY, James Howick Street
BARTON, James St. John Street
BARRIE, James Bootmaker Paterson Street
BARNES, William Refreshment rooms St. John Street
BARNARD, Downes M. Cameron Street
BARKWAY Rev. Augustus Residence Charles Street
BALLAND, James Basketmaker George Street
BARWELL, George Welman Street
BASE, George P. Brisbane Street
BASS, Thomas Clothier Charles Street
BATES, Samuel Cameron street
BATTY, William Balfour Street
BAXTER, Allen Carpenter George Street
BAXTER, Howard Wellington Road
BEATON, Donald Paterson Street
BEAUMONT, Joshua Pastrycook Charles Street
BECK, Thomas Painter Paterson Street
BECKET, James Canning Street
BEECROFT, William Veterinary forge Brisbane Street
BEGENT, Charles Mariner Cimitiere Street
BELL & WESTBROOK Auctioneers Charles Street
BELLION, James George Town Road
BELLION, James Wharf
BENNETT, John Brougham Street
BENNETT, John Victoria Street
BENNETT, Henry Elphin Road
BENNETT, Samuel Draper Brisbane Street
BENNETT, Archibald William Street
BENNETT, James Builder Cameron Street
BENDELL, Henry Oil & paint store Charles Street
BEST, George Port Frederick
BETTS, Mrs Butcher Elizabeth Street
BESWICK, Samuel Bathurst Street
BEVERIDGE, David Wellington Road
BIGGS, John Elizabeth Street
BIGGS, Jessie Brisbane Street
BILSON, Joseph Frederick Street
BIRCHALL, Andrew W. Arthur Street
BIRCH, William Merchant George Street
BIRCHALL, William Arthur Street
BIRD, Thomas Lower George Street
BIRNIE, Robert Canning Street
BLACK, Thomas Canning Street
BLACKSTONE, William Elizabeth Street
BLACKBURN, John Marine Hotel Esplanade
BLAIR, Alexander St. John Street
BLAND, Joseph Clothier Wellington Street
BLOXAM, William Mulgrave Street
BOANES, Edward George Street
BOAG, James Goodwin Street
BOLAND, David Esplanade
BOLAND, Martin Cimitiere Street
BOLTON, Richard Balfour Street
BOND, George Cameron Street
BOND, James Cooper George Street
BOND, John Brisbane Street
BOON, George Clerk Cameron Street
BOSWELL, Charles Margaret Street
BOWLAND, Martin Builder Cimitiere Street
BOWLES, E. Butcher George Street
BOXALL, John Gardener George Street
BOYD, James George's Square
BOYD, Thomas Bootmaker George Street
BOYD, David New Town Road
BOYD, Thomas Charles Street
BOYES, Edward S. Residence York Street
BRADBURY, Charles Wellington Street
BRADLEY, James Wellington Road
BRACKEN, William Brisbane Street
BRAND, J.W. Grocer Brisbane Street
BRAIN Thomas Elizabeth Street
BRAIN, John York Street
BRAIN, Thomas jun. George Street
BRASH, William Wood turner St. John Street
BRAY, William Bathurst Street
BRAY, William Brisbane Street
BRAMICH, Thomas King Street
BREAN, William Wine and spirit merchant Brisbane street
BRINDLE, Ebenezer Hairdresser Wellington Street
BRIGGS, Walter george Street
BRICKHILL, John Clerk Paterson Street
BRIANT, Joseph Cataract Hill
BROADFIELD, Thomas Turner Brisbane Street
BROOKES, PRICE & Co. Grocers St. John Street
BROOKES, John Brisbane Street
BROOKES, John Welman Street
BROOKS, Henry Wellington Street
BROOKS, Edward William Street
BROOKS, Edward F. William Street
BROOKE, George C. Grocer Charles Street
BROOKE Rev. Warren A. Residence Wellington Street
BROWN. Ebenezer Coachmaker Paterson Street
BROWN, Mrs Private school Paterson Street
BROWN, W. Tanner George Street
BROWN, Charles Brisbane Street
BROWN, John W. District surveyor Brisbane Street
BROWN, Henry Grocer Wellington Street
BROWN, Benjamin Wellington Street
BROWN, Samuel Brougham Street
BROWNE, James Wellington Street
BROWNE L.L.D. Rev William H Residence High Street
BRUFF, Thoams Licensed vistualler Wharf
BRYANT,. Joseph George Street
BRYANT, William Licensed victualler St. John Street
BRYANT, William sen. George Street
BUCK, Richard Chimney sweep York Street
BUCKLEY, William H. Brisbane Street
BUILDING SOCIETY'S Office Secretary, J. Hudson Brisbane Street
BULL, Charles Cameron Street
BULL, William Canning Street
BURSTON, William Fire Brigade Hotel Brisbane Street
BURNS, Thomas York Street
BURKE, David Bootmaker Charles street
BURKE, Thomas Labourer Bathurst Street
BUSH Tailor Charles Street
BUSHBY, Frederick Canning Street
BUSHBY, George Upton Street
BUSHBY, Charles Balfour street
BUSHBY, Richard Upton street
BUTLER, Thomas York Street
BUTLER Very Rev T.J., D.D. Margaret Street
BUTLER, Richard W. Solicitor St. John Street
BUTLER, James Vincent Street
BUTLAND, John T. Butcher St. John Street
BUTTON, William S. Residence St. John street
BUTTON, Frederick Tanner Wellington Street
BUTTON, Henry Paterson Street
BUTTRESS, John Margaret Street
BUTTRESS, John jun Margaret Street
BUTTERWORTH, George Frederick Street
BUTTERWORTH, Mrs. M. Court House Hotel Paterson Street
BUTCHER, Thomas Wellington Road
BYEWORTH, George Cameron Street

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