Residents of Launceston

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Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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HACKETT, John William Street
HADFIELD, James S. Draper Charles Street
HALL,Thomas William Street
HALL, Thomas S. York Street
HALL, John Charles Street
HALL, Charles Alexander York Street
HALL, John T. Brisbane Street
HALL, John Wellington road
HALL, Thomas Wellington Road
HALL, Samuel Wellington Road
HALL, Richard High Street
HOLLOWAY, Hugh Wellington Street
HALES, Rev Francis A.B. Residence Brisbane Street
HAMMOND, James Canning Street
HAMMOND, John New Town Road
HAMILTON, John Gunn Street
HAMILTON, James Lyttleton Street
HAMILTON, William Twining Street
HANCHETT, John Brisbane Street
HANCHETT, J.J. Brisbane Street
HARBOUR MASTER W.N. King Lower George Street
HANDS, Josiah George Street
HANNAFORD, Samuel Howick Street
HANLEY, Thomas Coachman York Street
HARRIS & DIGNEY Shoeing smiths York Street
HARRIS, William B. Licensed victualler York Street
HARRIS, William B. Butcher Wellington Street
HARRIS, Alfred York Street
HARRIS, Robert Proprietor, "Times" newspaper Paterson Street
HARRIS, Henry Butcher Charles Street
HARRIS, J.D. Tobacconist Charles Street
HARRIS, James West Street
HARRISON, William Bootmaker Charles Street
HARRAP, Alfred Commission agent Lower George Street
HARROP, Edward D. Cashier, Bank of Van Diemen's Tamar Street
HARPER, James St. John Street
HARPER, William Anne Street
HARSANT, John Elizabeth Street
HARVEY, J.S. Tailor York Street
HARVEY, James New Town Road
HARVEY, Bruce R. Commission agent St. John Street
HARVEY Balfour Street
HART, W. & F. General ironmongers Charles Street
HART, Anthony Grocer Wellington Street
HARGRAVES, John York Street
HARGRAVES, John Bootmaker Wellington Street
HARTNOLL, Henry Paterson Street
HARDISTY, Robert Esplanade
HARDEN, John New Town Road
HARDEN, William Glenelg Street
HARWOOD, John Bourke Street
HARLEY, George Howick Street
HASSELL, James York Street
HATTON & LAWS Chemists & druggists Brisbane Street
HAWKINS, James Brisbane Street
HAYS, Patrick Lodging house keeper Bathurst Street
HEAD, Herbert Paterson Street
HEALD, Henry Tailor Charles Street
HEDINGTON, George French Street
HEDGER, George Residence High Street
HEED, John High Street
HEGARTY, John Glebe Street
HELY, John George Street
HELY, John Westcombe Street
HELEY, James Arthur Street
HELLIER, William Bathurst Street
HEMLOCK, Mathais Milkman Cimitiere Street
HENRY, Montague Tobacconist Brisbane Street
HENRY, J. Town clerk St. John Street
HENLY York Street
HENNESSY, Mathias Cimitiere Street
HERON, Pat Messenger Brisbane street
HEMSON, james George's Square
HICKS, George Bathurst Street
HICKSON, Henry High Street
HICKSON, William Frederick Street
HIGGINS, John Frederisk Street
HIGGINS, Daniel George Town Road
HIGGINS, David Cimitiere Street
HIGGINS, Barnard Coachpainter George Street
HILL, Joseph Dealer Wellington Street
HILL, Lott Elizabeth Street
HILL, Thomas Bootmaker Elizabeth Street
HILL, George West Street
HILL, Alexander Welman Street
HILL, William Cleveland Street
HILL, Lewis Bootmaker Charles Street
HILLS, William Furnishing undertaker Brisbane Street
HINE, William George's Square
HOARE, Patrick Wellington Road
HOBKIRK, John F. Provisional assignee Brisbane Street
HOBKIRK, J.F. Residence High Street
HOCKINS, Dealer St. John Street
HODGETS, George Frederick Street
HOGGETT, Stephen Wellington Street
HOGARTH, Thomas Agent Australasian Guano Co. Esplanade
HOLMES, Charles Frederick Street
HOLMES, James Bathurst Street
HOLDER, George York Street
HOLLINGSWORTH, Fred. Shoeing smith Elizabeth Street
HOLLOWAY, John Butcher Brisbane Street
HOLLOWAY, Frederick Balfour Street
HOLLAND, Charles Brisbane Street
HOLT, John Fishmonger Charles Street
HOINES, James Elizabeth Street
HOPKINS, Samuel Brisbane Street
HOPKINS, Emanuel Draper Brisbane Street
HOPKINS, Thomas Lodging-house Wellington Street
HOPKINS, Mrs. E. Private boarding establishment Cameron Street
HOPWOOD, Stephen Frankland Street
HOPWOOD, Walter Frankland Street
HORDEN, George Licensed victualler Bathurst Street
HORDER, George Butcher Brisbane Street
HORNE, Arthur Erina Street
HORSELY, George Balfour Street
HOSPITAL GENERAL Surgeon & secretary J.L. Miller Mulgrave Square
HOUSE, Joseph Cameron Street
HOUGHTON, Frederick S. Auctioneer Paterson Street
HOUGHTON, Mrs. Residence York Street
HOWELL, Thomas Canning Street
HOWARD, James Henry George Town Road
HOWARD, John William Street
HOWARD, Daniel Bathurst Street
HOWDEN, Archibald Superintendent gas works Cimitiere Street
HOWLAND, Thomas Upton Street
HOYLE, William York Street
HUBBARD, George Grocer & tea dealer Brisbane Street
HUBBARD Tamar Street
HUDSON, Edward Cabinetmaker, undertaker etc. Brisbane Street
HUDSON, James John Brisbane Street
HUDSON, James St. John Street
HUDSON, George P. Labourer  
HUDSON, John Bookseller Brisbane Street
HUDSON, John Canning Street
HUDSON, George Labourer Cimitiere Street
HUDSON, John Licensed victualler Charles Street
HUDSON, Joseph Wellington Road
HUGHES, Patrick Frederick Street
HUGHES, Thomas Storeman Charles street
HUGHES, John Wellington Road
HUGHES, James New Town Road
HUGHES, William Frankland street
HUMPHREYS, William Margaret Street
HUMPHREYS Balfour Street
HUNT, William Lower George Street
HURST, William St. John Street
HURST, Thomas Baker Charles Street
HURST, J.R. Government surveyor Tamar Street
HUTCHINSON & SMITH Butchers Brisbane Street
HUTCHINGS, David High Street
HUTTLEY, William George Street
HYDE, William Hairdresser George Street
HYLAND, James Bootmaker Bathurst Street
ILLMAN, John Seedsman Paterson Street
INALL, Thomas Paterson Street
INGLESBY, Thomas Brisbane Street
INGRAM, John Elizabeth Street
INGLIS, William Blacksmith Tamar Street
INNOCENT, Thomas Thistle Street
IRWIN, John Paterson Street
IRVINE, John Bootmaker Brisbane Street
IRVINE, Richard F. Wine & spirit merchant Brisbane Street
ISAACS, James Bathurst Street
ISRAEL, John C. Dealer Brisbane Street
IVES, Jonathan General Dealer Charles Street
JACKSON, Edward York Street
JACKSON, Henry Balfour Street
JACKSON & ARCHIBALD Engineers Cimitiere Street
JACKSON, Thomas Brisbane Street
JACOB, James Balaclava Street
JAMES, Hyland Bathurst Street
JAMES, Isaac Elphin Road
JAMIESON, Samuel Frankland Street
JARVIS, Thomas Brisbane Street
JARVIS, Henry Tamar Street
JARVIS, William Bathurst Street
JARVIS, Thomas Crescent
JENKINS, Henry Charles Street
JOBSON, William Clerk Cameron Street
JOHNSTONE, William Merchant & commission agent St. John Street
JOHNSTONE, William Residence High Street
JOHNSTONE, Jeremiah Bootmaker Wellington Street
JOHNSTONE, George Bootmaker Wellington Street
JOHNSTONE, Alexander Librarian, Mechanics Instute Cameron Street
JOHNSTONE, William Paterson Street
JOHNSTONE, William Brisbane Street
JOHNSTONE, Alfred Bathurst Street
JOHNSTONE, William Dealer Brisbane Street
JOHNSTONE, William Clerk Cimitiere Street
JOHNSTONE, David Portland Street
JOHNSTONE, George Cumberland Street
JOHNSTONE, Peter Labourer Margaret Street
JOHNSTONE, George Union Lane
JONES, James Broker Brisbane Street
JONES, Robert Licensed victualler Elizabeth Street
JONES, Frederick Volunteer Hotel Brisbane street
JONES, William Dealer Wellington Street
JONES, William Confectioner Wellington Street
JONES, William Lloyd Watchmaker Elizabeth Street
JONES, Thomas Family grocer Charles Street
JONES, Thomas Wellington Street
JONES, Arthur Brisbane Street
JONES, George Cimitiere Street
JONES, John Furniture rooms Charles Street
JONES, Thomas Bathurst Street
JONES, Thomas St. John Street
JORDAN Union Hotel George Street
JORY, William B. Canning Street
JOSEPH, Phillip Balfour Street
JOSEPHS, John Margaret Street
JOSCELYNE, Samuel Cabinetmaker St. John Street
JUDD, Thomas Anne Street
JUDSON, Daniel St. John Street

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