Residents of Launceston

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Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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NASH, Vivian George Town Road
NASH, William Cameron Street
NAPIER, Mrs. Family butcher George Street
NELSON Tailor Howick Street
NEWBURY, Samuel Frederick Street
NEWEY, Richard Grocer & provision merchant Lower George Street
NEWMAN, William Turner George Street
NEWMAN, William Cabinetmaker Charles Street
NIBLETT, David Welman Street
NIBLETT, Daniel Labourer Mary Street
NICHOLS, Charles Residence Patterson's Plains Road
NICHOLS, William Frederick Street
NICHOLS, Benjamin Elizabeth Street
NICHOLSON, John Camelford
NIE, William William Street
NORRIS, William Hairdresser Brisbane Street
NORMAN, John Abbott Street
NORWOOD, W. & E. Ironmongers Charles Street
NOTMAN, William Goodwin Street
NUNN, William Cimitiere Street
OAKLEY, Thomas Canning Street
OAKLEY, John Wellington Street
O'CONNOR, Charles York Street
O'CONNOR, Daniel Canning Street
O'CONNOR, James French Street
O'CONNOR, John Brisbane Street
O'CONNOR, Patrick Brisbane Street
O'BIRNIE, Robert Paterson Street
O'BRIEN, John Pawnbroker George Street
OGILVIE, James Licensed victualler York Street
O'HEARN, John Bootmaker Wellington Street
O'KEEFE, William Kent Merchant St. John Street
O'KEEFE, Daniel Paterson Street
OLIVER, George Broker Elizabeth Street
O'LEARY, Arthur Engraver Elizabeth Street
O'LOUGHLIN, Martin Cimitiere Street
O'MEARA, John Melbourne Street
O'NEAL, John Bathurst Street
O'NEIL, Daniel Thistle Street
ORPWOOD, George Brisbane Street
O'REILLY & CO. Clothiers Brisbane Street
OVERELL, McMILLAN & HOPKINS Drapers, etc, clothiers Brisbane Street
OVERELL & CO., W. Drapers Next Corbett's, Brisbane Street
OWEN, Thomas Wellington Street
OWEN, John Elizabeth Street
OZANNE, Joseph Medical practitioner York Street
PAGE, Charles Wellington Street
PAGE, James Dealer Wellington Street
PAGE, Thomas Wheelwright Elizabeth Street
PAGE'S COACH OFFICE Club Hotel Brisbane Street
PAIKHOUSE, Isaac Horsedealer Charles Street
PAIN, Walter William Street
PANTON, Elijah E. Criterion Hotel St. John Street
PARK, James Laura Street
PARKER, James P. Watchmaker & jeweller St. John Street
PARKER, Robert J. Solicitor Tamar Street
PARKER, William Elizabeth Street
PARKER, William E. Canning Street
PARKER, John Dry Street
PARKER, Joseph Lyttleton Street
PARKER, Robert Anne Street
PARKINSON, Jane Confectioner Charles Street
PARR, Henry D. Royal Hotel Wellington Street
PARISH, Frank Welman Street
PARSONS, George Bathurst Street
PARTRIDGE, John Frankland Street
PATEY, Boyle R. St. John Street
PATERSON, Robert Gunsmith Paterson Street
PATTISON, Robert Paterson Street
PAYNE, George Charles Street
PAYNE, William Lyttleton Street
PAYS, George Licensed victualler Wellington Street
PEABODY, Joseph Family grocer Wellington Street
PEART, William Elizabeth street
PEARMAN, William Labourer Bathurst Street
PEARSE, William York Street
PECK, Joshua Hotelkeeper Wellington Street
PECK, Thomas Patterson's Plains
PENNINGTON, Walter St. john Street
PEPPIATT, James York Street
PERRIN, Walter Brisbane Street
PERKINS, Edward Brisbane Lane
PESCODD, R. Lessee & clerk of market Charles Street
PETERS, BARNARD, & CO. Merchants Cameron Street
PETER, William Brass & iron founder Wellington Street
PHILLIPS, Edward Brisbane Street
PICKFORD, Joseph Brisbane Lane
PICKFORD, George Adelaide Street
PITTARD, Henry Balfour Street
POCOCK, William Frankland Street
POLLARD, James J. Pianoforte tuner Paterson Street
POLLINGTON, George Howick Street
POLICE OFFICES Superintendent, J.Coulter Cameron Street
POND, John Fancy repository Brisbane Street
POOLE, Robert Z. Draper Brisbane Street
PORTER, John Lyttleton Street
PORTER, John Eardley Street
PORTER, John Myles Erina Street
POST OFFICE GENERAL Postmaster, W.Windeatt Paterosn Street
POTTER, George Charles Street
POWELL, Richard Butcher Charles Street
PRATT, William Gardener Cameron Street
PRESTON, John Balfour Street
PRICE, Rev. Charles Residence Tamar Street
PRICE, Robert H. Paterson Street
PRICE, James Wellington Road
PRIOR, Robert Cimitiere Street
PRIOR, William Blacksmith Wellington Street
PROSSER, Thomas F. Bootmaker George Street
PROSSER, T.B. Sheriff's officer Public Buildings
PROSSER, John Margaret Street
PULEFORD, W.S. Charles Street
PULLEN, George Cumberland Street
PURKISS, John Margaret Street
PYKE, William Charles Street
PYLE, George General store Margaret Street
PYLE, George jun. George Street
QUINLAN, William Tamar Street
QUINN, Hugh Lyttleton Street
QUARRY, Thoams Gardener Tamar Street
RADFORD, William Shoemaker William Street
RANSON, John D. Medical practitioner Frederick Street
RANKIN, Alexander Storeman Charles Street
RANKIN, Thomas Labourer Cimitiere Street
RANKIN, Thomas jun. Cimitiere Street
RANKIN, John Livery stables Paterson Street
RANKIN, William Royal Oak Hotel Brisbane Street
RAWLINS, William H. Hotelkeeper Charles Street & Paterson Street
RAWSON, William Welman Street
RAYDEN, George Labourer Margaret Street
RAYMOND, George Balfour Street
READING, Henry Patterson Street
REASON, James Upton Street
REID, James Paterson Street
REID, John Paterson Street
REID, John Esplanade
REID, David Portland Street
REILLY, William William Street
REGAN, Michael French Street
REGAN, John Tailor Wellington Street
REGAN, Edward Charles Street
REYNOLDS, John York Street
REZIN, Samuel Wellington Street
RICHARDS, David Paterson Street
RICHARDS, John Tamar Street
RICHARDS, John Cameron Street
RICHARDS, William Carter Tamar Street
RICHARDS & SONS Furnishing undertakers etc. St. John Street
RICHARDSON, Thomas Frankland Street
RICE, James Margaret Street
RICE, Patrick Licensed victualler Wellington Street
RICE, John Labourer Bathurst Street
RICKETTS, George Nurseryman Brisbane Street
RIDGE, Thomas Bootmaker Charles Street
RIDLEY, Shepherd Soap & candle manufactory Brisbane Street
RILEY, John Howick Street
RILEY, Samuel Labourer Melbourne Street
RITCHIE, William Solicitor St. John Street
RIVA, Eugene Labourer Bathurst Street
RIVERS, John H. Tamar Street
RIXON, Thomas Fisherman Paterson Street
ROACH, John William Street
ROBERTS, James Grocer & provision dealer Charles Street
ROBERTS, Edward Brisbane Street
ROBERTS, Henry York Street
ROBERTS, Thomas Charles Street
ROBERTSON, James Merchant Brisbane Street
ROBERTSON, William Brisbane Street
ROBERTSON, Duncan Elizabeth Street
ROBINS, William Letter carrier Cimitiere Street
ROBINS, William jun. Cimitiere Street
ROBINS, James Wellington Street
ROBINSON, George Labourer Cameron Street
ROBINSON, James Saddler Charles Street
ROBSON, Robert Upton Street
ROCHER, Charles A.W. Solicitor Brisbane Street
ROE, James William Street
ROOM, Daniel Clothier Brisbane Street
ROPER, Allen Frederick Street
ROSE, Alexander Cameron Street
ROSS, Thomas Labourer Paterson Street
ROUND, William Arthur Street
ROWE, Edward Labourer Melbourne Street
ROWLEY, John Frankland Street
ROWLANDS, John Margaret Street
RUNDLE, Daniel Saddler St. John Street
RUNDLE, Daniel General smith Wellington Street
RUNDLE, Samuel York Street
RUSSELL, Henry Frankland Street
RYAN, Woolryche W. Upper York Street
RYAN, Richard Residence York Street

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