Residents of Launceston


Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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SADDLER, James George Street
ST. ANDREWS CHURCH Paterson Street
ST. ANDREWS SCHOOL Paterson Street
SAGE, John Charles Street
SAGE, Robert Timber yard Paterson Street
SALE, John T. Manager Union Bank St. John Street
SANDEN, Edward York Street
SANDERSON, William Chemist & druggist Elizabeth Street
SANDEL, Thomas Brisbane Street
SANDHURST, George Paterson Street
SANTON, Vincent Charles Street
SAMS, William Gardiner Immigration agent, Office St. John Street
SAMS, William Gardiner Residence Lyttleton Street
SAVAGE, George George Street
SAVINGS BANK Henry Dowling, actuary Brisbane Street
SCARFE, Andrew Balfour Street
SCHOLLARD, Michael Margaret Street
SCOTT, John & CO. Brewers & maltsters Charles Street
SCOTT, James Canning Street
SCOTT, Alexander Canning Street
SCOTT, William George Street
SCOTT, Gavin Licensed victualler George Street
SCOTT, John Cimitiere Street
SCOTT, James Thistle Street
SCOTT, John Giles Residence High Street
SCOTT, James Reid Residence Arthur Street
SCOTT, George Lyttleton Street
SEER, Charles Brisbane Street
SELBY, William Tailor Wellington Street
SENIOR, Thomas Frederick Street
SENIOR, John Anne Street
SERVANTS HOME Matron, Mrs. H.J.Stevenson Charles & Frederick Street
SETTLE, George Balfour Street
SEYMOUR, Thomas Baker & confrctioner Elizabeth Street
SHAKLE, William South Street
SHAMMON, Charles Paterson Street
SHARP, Thomas Teacher of music Cameron Street
SHARP, William Music seller Cameron Street
SHAW, William Thistle Street
SHAW, William H. Balfour Street
SHEA, Michael York Street
SHEAR, George York Street
SHEPHERD, John Bourke Street
SHERWIN, Isaac Balfour Street
SHERLOCK, John Esplanade
SHERLOCK, C. Overseer at gaol Patterson Street
SHERIDAN, John Hotelkeeper Charles Street
SHIELD, George Balfour Street
SHIELDS, Peter Blacksmith Esplanade Row
SHIELDS, John St. George's Square
SHIRT, John New Town Road
SHIPPING MASTER'S OFFICE E.P.Tregurtha George Street
SICE, George Bootmaker Elizabeth Street
SILKE, Joseph Dealer York Street
SILVER, William Butcher Charles & Balfour Street
SIM, Francis B. Confectioner Brisbane Street
SIMMONS, Joseph White Brisbane Hotel Brisbane Street
SIMMONDS, William Wellington Road
SIMPSON, John Quadrant
SIMPSON, Archibald Watchmaker Elizabeth Street
SIMPSON, Thomas Canning Street
SIMPSON, Henry Victoria Street
SINCLAIR, john Mariner Cimitiere Street
SKARREY, Charles R. Howick Street
SKELLY, William Draper Charles Street
SLATER, George Elizabeth Street
SLATER, John Dealer George Street
SLATER, Frederick Anne Street
SLINGER, John York Street
SLOPER, John Welman Street
SMALLHORN, Thomas Storeman Paterson Street
SMALLWOOD, William Tinsmith Wellington Road
SMART, George Pilot York Street
SMITH, James Hood Brisbane Street
SMITH, Samuel Frederick Street
SMITH, William Wellington Street
SMITH, George Charles Street
SMITH, James Canning Street
SMITH, Daniel Broker Wellington Street
SMITH, Benjamin Brisbane Street
SMITH, Charles York Street
SMITH, Arthur Frederick Street
SMITH, Charles Paterson Street
SMITH, Charles Henry High Street
SMITH & HUTCHINSON Butchers Brisbane Street
SMITH, John New Town
SMITH, John Grant Quadrant
SMITH & POOLE Wholesale & retail drapers Brisbane Street
SMITH, John Contractor Paterson Street
SMITH, James Soap & candle manufacturer Wellington Street
SMITH, William Cooper Charles Street
SMITH, John William Street
SMITH, Jmaes Westcombe Street
SMITH, James Storeman Cimitiere Street
SMITH, George Wellington Road
SMITH, Thomas Painter Bathurst Street
SMITH, John Hay & corn store Wellington Street
SMITH, Charles Margaret Street
SMITH, Thomas Lodging-house keeper Brisbane Street
SMITH, James Shipmaster Charles Street
SMITHERS, Samuel Schoolmaster Cimitiere Street
SMITHSON, Joseph Cumberland Street
SNELL, William Bathurst Street
SORRENSON, Andrew Shipmaster Paterson Street
SPARKS, Henry Lyttleton Street
SPARKS, James Laura Street
SPARROW, Charles Balfour Street
SPEED, Thomas Paterson street
SPENCER, Edward Licensed victualler York Street
SPICER, George Brisbane Street
SPICER, Frederick G. Chemist & druggist St. John Street
SPOTSWOOD, Frederick A. Clerk Cameron Street
SPOTSWOOD, Christopher Police clerk Paterson Street
STANLEY, William Elizabeth Street
STANE, John Westcombe Street
STANWICK, Joseph Storeman Bathurst Street
STAPLETON, Martin High Street
STEER, Mrs. Straw hat maker York Street
STEER Clerk Brisbane Street
STEIN, Joseph Dealer Charles Street
STEINES, Joseph Greengrocer Elizabeth Street
STEIR, John York Street
STENE, Joseph Upper York Street
STEPHENS, Henry Bathurst Street
STEPHENS, Richard Wellington Road
STEPHENSON, John Printer York Street
STEPNEY, William Cimitiere Street
STEVENS, Henry Schoolmaster St. John Street
STEWART, John York Street
STEWART, Robert Fancy warehouse Elizabeth Street
STEWART, John York Street
STEWART, David Pilot Margaret Street
STEWART, Farquhar Esk street
STEWART, George Paterosn Street
STEWART, F. Balaclava Street
STEWART, Robert Glendhu Street
STEWART, Robert F.C. French Street
STEWART, Alexander Residence High Street
STONE, Thomas Vincent Street
STOKES, James Greengrocer Wellington Street
STOTT, David Brisbane Street
STOREY, Thomas Cleveland Street
STRANGE, Frederick Grocer Charles Street
STRATTEN, Stephen Welman Street
STREET, Edwin Brisbane Street
STROUT Draper Brisbane Street
STUBBS, William Frankland Street
SUITOR, James Anne Street
SULLIVAN, Jihn Elizabeth Street
SULLIVAN, Daniel Dealer Paterson Street
SULLIVAN, John Bathurst Street
SUTCLIFFE, John York Street
SUTTON, Samuel J. Baker Wellington Street
SUTTON, Robert O. York Street
SWAN, Charles Patterson's Plains
SWIFTE, Allan G.M. Brisbane Road
SWIMMING BATHS E. Ackerman Cameron Street
SWIFTE, Alfred J. Tanner & currier York Street
SWIFTE, Bernam Lyttleton Street
SYKES, James Margaret Street

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