Residents of Launceston

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Taken from Tasmania Directory 1866 Hard Copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh March 2000

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TAME, Joseph Nurseryman Cimitiere Street
TANKARD, Matthew Residence Charles Street
TANKARD, Matthew H. Charles Street
TANNER, William Pedder Street
TAS. STEAM NAVIGATION CO. George Fisher, agent Wharf
TASMANIA BANK of F.Evans, Manager Cameron Street
TAYLOR, John Cooper Wellington Road
TAYLOR, Edward William Street
TAYLOR, Webb Brisbane Street
TAYLOR, Henry W. Solicitor Paterson Street
TAYLOR, George Brisbane Street
TEMPERANCE HALL Secretary, J. Tevelein York Street
TERRY, George George Street
TETLOW, George George Street
TEVELEIN, James Saddler Charles Street
THELWELL, Frederick Labourer Middle Street
THEATRE ROYAL Agent, J.W.Simmons St. John Street
THOMAS, William T. Brisbane Street
THOMAS, Joseph St. John Street
THOMAS, James Charles Street
THOMPSON, Alexander Charles Street
THOMPSON, John B. Charles Street
THOMPSON, James R. Brisbane Street
THOMPSON, John Labourer York Street
THOMPSON, Martin York Street
THOMPSON, John William Street
THOMPSON, John Labourer Cimitiere Street
THOMPSON, Richard Paterson Street
THOMPSON, John J. Brisbane Street
THOMPSON, Charles Manager, Bank of V. D. L. St John Street
THORNTON, John William Street
THORN, Edward Cleveland Street
THOROUGHGOOD, Herbert Victoria Street
THROWER, William Grocer Wellington Street
TIBBETT, Jeremiah George Street
TITMUS, William Brisbane Lane
TILLEY, Charles Balfour Street
TIMES, Newspaper Office Proprietor, Robert Harris Paterson Street
TOAN, John Paterson Street
TOLMAN, James Wellington Street
TOLL, Richard Canning Street
TORRENCE, Robert Upper York Street
TREGURTHA, Edward P. Shipping master George Street
TRYCE, John Race Course
TUCKER, Frank W. Charles Street
TUCKER, Robert Wellington Street
TURNER, Jacob Messenger George Street
TURNER, William Bull's Head Hotel Charles Street
TURNER, William Leather warehouse Charles Street
TURNER, William Tannery Elizabeth Street
TURNER, Joseph G. Compositor Brisbane Street
TURNER, James Frankland Street
TURNER, thomas King Street
TURNBULL, William Manager, Bank of Australasia Cameron Street
TUTTELL, Robert Painter Tamar Street
TYNAN, John Hay & corn store York Street
TYNAN, Patrick Storekeeper Tamar Street
TYSON, Matthew Arthur Street
TYSON, William Builder Brisbane Street
TYSON, William jun. York Street
TYSON, George Howick Street
TYSON, Frank French Street
UNION BANK of AUSTRALIA Manager, John T. Sale Paterson & St. John Street
UNION QUARTZ CRUSHING CO. W.J. Norwood, manager Brisbane Street
UNIVERSAL MARINE INS. CO. Agent, R.T. Gunn Cimitiere Street
VALENTINE, Henry Coachmaker Wellington Street
VAUGHAN, Patrick Gunn Street
VAUGHAN, Charles Baker Pterson Street
VAUX, John Union Lane
VICKERY, Nathaniel Elizabeth Street
VIVIAN, John Licensed victualler Paterson Street
WADE, Walter York Street
WADE, David George Street
WADE, Thomas Terminus Hotel William Street
WADHAM, Mrs. Straw hat maker Charles Street
WADHAM & PAYNE Coachmakers Charles Street
WAGSTAFF, John Brisbane Street
WALCH BROS. & BIRCHALL Booksellers & stationers Brisbane Street
WALCH, Patrick Boarding house Wellington Street
WALCH, Thomas Dealer Brisbane Street
WALBOURKE, Edward Brisbane Street
WALBRIDGE, Sandford Plumber Cameron Street
WALCHORN, John Cabinetmaker Paterson Street
WALDRON, Lemeul B. Licensed victualler York Street
WALDRON, James South Street
WALKER, William H. St. John Street
WALKER, James St. John Street
WALKER, Edward Balfour Street
WALKER, Charles John Frankland Street
WALKER & SONS, J. Flour mills Bourke Street
WALKLATE Portland Street
WALSH, Thomas Dealer Charles Street
WALSH, Michael Bedford Street
WALSH, Rev. E.F. Margaret Street
WALTERS, Thomas Margaret Street
WALTERS, Isaac Frederick Street
WALTERS, James Balfour Street
WARBURTON, Enoch St. John Street
WARD, James Brougham Street
WARLOCK, Charles Labourer Brisbane Street
WARNE, Allan Wellington Street
WARRARD, William Cimitiere Street
WATERS, William Gardener Cimitiere Street
WATHEN, William F. West Street
WATHAN, Osborne Draper Charles Street
WATSON, Henry New Town Road
WATSON, George Race Course
WAUGH, James Balfour Street
WAYCOTT, John Victoria Street
WEARY Esplanade
WEAVEL, Henry Frankland Street
WEBB, Jacob Dealer Elizabeth Street
WEBB, John Elizabeth Street
WEBB, Thomas D. Bathurst Street
WEBB, Isaac Canning Street
WEBB, Richard General dealer William Street
WEBB, Thomas King Street
WEBB & SON Photographers St. John Street
WEBBER, John Twinning Street
WEBSTER, Alexander Ironmonger Charles Street
WEBSTER, John H. Clerk Tamar Street
WEEDON, Charles James Auctioneer Cimitiere Street
WEETMAN, Nelson General commission agent St. John Street
WEIR, William Balfour Street
WEINRITTER, Henry Charles Street
WELLS Upton Street
WELMAN, Harvey Residence York Street
WELSH, Patrick Wellington Street
WEMYSS, George Bathurst Street
WENN, James Wellington Street
WEST, Robert Dairyman George Street
WEST, Robert Russell Street
WEST, Richard St. John Street
WESTCOTT, George Wellington Street
WESTCOMBE, George Maltster Westcombe Street
WESTBROOK, Walter H. Auctioneer Charles Street
WESTMORELAND, Parker Glendhu Street
WESTON, Henry Robert Margaret Street
WESTLAKE, Thomas Wellington Road
WHALAN, Patrick Brisbane Street
WHATMORE, William Lyttleton Street
WHEELER, Henry Charles Street
WHITE, Henry Dairyman Charles Street
WHITE, Daniel Hampden Road
WHITE, Robert Labourer Brisbane Lane
WHITE, James Margaret Street
WHITE, John York Street
WHITE, Andrew West Street
WHITE, John Brisbane Street
WHITE, William Wilson Brisbane Street
WHITE, Frederick Elizabeth Street
WHITE, Rouls Charles Goodwin Street
WHITE, McGEORGE & CO., T. Warehousemen Charles Street
WHITEHOUSE, Thomas Balfour Street
WHITING, John Drayman York Street
WHITELAW, James Patterson's Plains Road
WHITTON Brisbane Street
WHITTAKER, William Balfour Street
WIGAN, E.A. Medical practitioner Cameron Street
WILKS, William Melbourne Street
WILKS, Joseph Dealer Paterson Street
WILKINS, Daniel Scotch pie house Brisbane Street
WILKINS, George Wholesale fruiterer Charles Street
WILKINS, Isaac Cumberland
WILKINS, George Margaret Street
WILKINS, Thomas Melbourne Road
WILKINSON, Thomas Carpenter Brisbane Lane
WILKINSON, William Esplanade
WILKINSON, George Waterman William Street
WILKINSON, George Howick Street
WILLIAMS, George York Street
WILLIAMS, Richard Canning Street
WILLIAMS, Samuel Elizabeth Street
WILLIAMS, James Brisbane Street
WILLIAMS, James Cameron Street
WILLIAMS, Joseph Residence William Street
WILLIAMS, George Goodwin Street
WILLIAMS, Henry Portland Street
WILLIAMS, Rev. Spencer Wesleyan minister Paterson Street
WILLIAMS, John Tailor Elizabeth Street
WILLIAMS, Henry Elizabeth Street
WILLIAMS, Henry Hillside Crescent
WILLIAMSON & THOMAS General dealer George Street
WILLIAMSON, Charles General dealer George Street
WILLIS, Richard H. Collector of customs High Street
WILLIS, James Margaret Street
WILSON, John Charles Street
WILSON, Thomas Frankland Street
WILSON, Mrs. Schoolmistress Brisbane Street
WILSON, John George Street
WILSON, William Esplanade Bridge
WILSON, George Cooper St. John Street
WILSON, Thomas Balfour Street
WILSON, Frederick Canning Street
WILSON, Benjamin Balfour Street
WILSON, John Welman Street
WILSON, William Welman Street
WILTSHIRE, John Brisbane Street
WILTON, Henry Upton, Street
WINCHESTER, George Dry Street
WINDEATT, John Cimitiere Street
WINDEATT, William Welman Street
WINDSOR, Edward C. Welman Street
WINDERS, John Balfour Street
WITHERINGTON, John Wellington Street
WOODS, William Greengrocer York Street
WOODS, John Cabinetmaker Brisbane Street
WOODS, Thomas Licensed victualler Elizabeth Street
WOODGATE, W.R. Grocers and tobacconists Brisbane Street
WOODFIELD, Daniel Melbourne Street
WOOLFSON & CO., J. Fancy bazaar Brisbane Street
WOODHILL, Alfred M. Bourke Street
WOODHEAD, Edward Howick Street
WOOLMERS, James Margaret Street
WORKING MEN'S CLUB Secretary, Rev. F. Hales Paterson Street
WOOLNOUGH, Thomas Wellington Street
WOLLANDS, James Margaret Street
WOVER, Adam St. John Street
WRIGHT, William Charles Street
WRIGHT, George Carpenter Cameron Street
YORK, James Frankland Street
YOUELL, Thomas Broker York Street
YOUNG, Charles St. George's Square
YOUNG, Henry High Street
YOUNG, John William Street
YOUNG, Thomas Painter & glazier Elizabeth Street
YOUNG, Mrs. Dealer Wellington Street

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