Sorell Residents

Taken from Hard Copy of Tasmania Directory 1866
Indexed by Rose Murtagh,January 2000

ACTON, Thomas not stated Dunalley
ALLANBY, Elizabeth not stated Flimby Park
ALLANBY, John Farmer Bream Creek
ALLISON, Francis Farmer Cornhill
ALLOMES, Jacob not stated Forcett
AYRES, John Farmer Forcett
BAINE, Joseph Farmer Forcett
BAKER, George Farmer Forcett
BANNISTER, James not stated Sorell
BAYLEY, Samuel Farmer Sorell Rivulet
BELL, David Schoolmaster Orielton
BELLETTE, George Farmer Sorell Rivulet
BELLETTE, Jacob Farmer Sorell Rivulet
BELLETTE, John Farmer Sorell Rivulet
BELLETTE, John jun. Farmer Srell Rivulet
BELLETTE, William not stated Sorell
BENDER, Christian Farmer Ragged Tier
BIDDOLPH, Frank not stated Sorell
BIDGOOD, Thomas not stated Sorell
BINGHAM, James Farmer Forcett
BIRCHALL, Ann not stated Sorell Rivulet
BIRCHALL, Edward Farmer Sorell Rivulet
BIRCHALL, James not stated Sorell Rivulet
BISSET, William farmer East Bay Neck
BIZZENT, Robert Farmer Blue Lagoon
BLACK, Joseph not stated Forcett
BLYTH, Robert Medical practioner Shrub End
BRAITHWAITE, Thomas not stated Sorell
BREEN, John not stated Bream Creek
BRIEN, Patrick not stated Carlton
BROWN, Edward Farmer Bream Creek
BROWN, Robert not stated Ringarooma
BUDD, William Flour mills Sorell
BURDON, William Farmer bream Creek
BYRON, Ann not stated Sorell
BYRON, Thomas not stated Cornhill
CAIN, John not stated Orielton
CHRISTOPHER, James not stated Sorell
CLARKE, James Farmer Carlton
CLARKE, John Sheep run East Bay Neck
CLARKE, Peregrine not stated Sorell
CLIFFORD, Henry not stated Ragged Tier
COOPER, Joseph Farmer Orielton
COPPING, Edward not stated Upper carlton
COPPING, George not stated Ragged Tier
COPPING, John not stated Ragged Tier
COPPING, Patrick not stated Bream Creek
CORAM, John T. Farmer near Sorell
CORBETT, John not stated Bream Creek
CRANE, John Farmer Bream Creek
CROCKER, R.C. Farmer Thornhill, near Sorell
CROCKER, Richard Farmer Belle Vue, near Sorell
CROWDER, Isaac not stated Wattle Hill
CRUSE, Patrick not stated Forcett
DANIELS, William not stated Bream Creek
DART, J.I. & S. Farmers Orielton
DART, John jun. Farmer Orielton
DAVIS, George not stated Lewisham
DEAKIN, William not stated Sorell
DEAR, Robert not stated Splitters' Tiers
DENHOLME, Alexander Farmer Oreilton
DENNING, George Farmer Forcett
DIAMOND, Andrew Innkeeper Wattle Hill
DOCTOR, Robert Valleyfield  
DODGE, Henry Farmer Carlton
DODGE, Ralph Farmer Lower Ferry
DONOVAN, Edward Farmer Forester's Peninsula
DRANSFIELD, Thomas Wheelwright Sorell
DUNBABIN, John Sheep run Bream Creek
DUNBABIN, Samuel not stated Bream Creek
DWYER, Patrick Farmer Bream Creek
EAGLE, George Farmer Marion Bay
EDGAR, John C. not stated Sorell
FITZSIMONS, R. Deputy registrar of births &c Sorell
FRASER, William Farmer Orielton
FREEMAN, Patrick not stated Bream Creek
GANGEL, Jacob not stated Orielton
GARD, Edward Farmer Forcett
GARD, Samuel Farmer Forcett
GATEHOUSE, Grace not stated Sorell Rivulet
GATEHOUSE, Jonas Steam flour mill Wattle Hill
GILL, John Farmer Sorell Rivulet
GLENNAN, Patrick not stated Woody Hills
GLOVER, Elizabeth A. not stated Horscroft
GLOVER, W.H. not stated Sorell
GREEN, Edward not stated Wattle Hill
HALLIDAY, David not stated Sorell
HALSTEAD, Mrs. not stated White Lea Farm
HALSTEAD, Robert Farmer Nonsuch
HARDIMAN, Charles Forcett  
HARROD, Robert not stated Sorell
HAYNTON & PATERSON Farmers Upper Carlton
HAYNTON, George Farmer Forcett
HAYNTON, J. & A. Farmers Woodbrook
HAYNTON, James Farmer Woodbrook
HAYNTON, John not stated Orielton
HAZELL, Charles Farmer Upper Carlton
HENNERSY, John not stated Bream Creek
HIGGINS, Robert not stated Wattle Hill
HILYARD, David not stated Bream Creek
HILYARD, John not stated Bream Creek
HODGSON, William not stated Cherry Tree Opening
HONEYBONE, John not stated Cherry Tree Opening
HUNT, Henry Farmer Orielton
HUNT, William Farmer Orielton
HYATT, Jacob Farmer Ringarooma
HYATT, William Farmer Ringarooma
ILES, Samuel Innkeeper Sorell
JACOBSON, Robert not stated Ragged Tier
JENKINS, R.C. Farmer Upper Carlton
JONES, George not stated Forcett
JONES, James Innkeeper Lewisham
JOSEPH, James Farmer Carlton
JOSEPHS, Thomas Farmer Carlton
JOYCE, Patrick not stated Forcett
KENT, George not stated Ringarooma
KIDNER, Thomas not stated Sorell
KING, William not stated Sorell
KINGSTON, Charles Farmer Bream Creek
KINGSTON, George Farmer Bream Creek
KINGSTON, William Farmer Bream Creek
KINSHER, Thomas not stated Orielton
LAGDON, Robert not stated Cherry Tree Opening
LANE, David not stated Forcett
LESTER, William & J. Farmers Fulham
LINDSAY, Patrick not stated Carlton
LITTLE, Francis Farmer Carlton
LLOYD, Edward Farmer Bullock Hill
LUCAS, Charles Smith Sorell
MANN, William Farmer Forcett
MARSHALL, Edward Farmer Wattle Hill
MARSHALL, George Farmer Noble Farm
MARSHALL, George jun. Farmer Iron Rivulet
MARSHALL, Thomas Farmer Long Bottom
McCULLOCH, Simon not stated Ringarooma
McDERMOTT, Patrick not stated White Hills
McDONALD, Patrick not stated Sorell
McGINNIS, Hugh jun. not stated Heavy Tree
McGUINNESS, Edwin not stated Carlton
McGUINNESS, Hugh Farmer Carlton
McGUINNESS, Hugh jun. Farmer Carlton
McGUINNESS, Louis Farmer Carlton
McGUINNESS, William Farmer Carlton
McGUINNESS, William Schoolmaster Carlton
McPHIE, Matthew Schoolmaster Sorell
MILLER, James Smith Wattle Hill
MONKS, James Farmer Bream Creek
MOORE, Edward jun. Farmer Orielton
MORRIS, R. Postmaster Carlton
MORRIS, William farmer Carlton
MUNDAY, Samuel Farmer Bream Creek
MUNDY, Edward not stated Bream Creek
MURRAY, William not stated near White Hills
NEW, Henry not stated Green Hills
NEWITT, Adam not stated Bream Creek
NEWITT, Ephraim Farmer Wattle Hills
NEWITT, William not stated Cherry Tree Opening
NEWITT, William jun. not stated Wattle Hill
NEWPORT, Richard not stated Bream Creek
NICHOLS, Josiah not stated Sorell
NOYE, Charlotte not stated Lewisham
NOYE, James Farmer Forcett
O'BRIEN, Michael Farmer Bream Creek
PAGE, Henry not stated Carlton
PAGE, Samuel not stated Cherry Tree Opening
PALMER, Elizabeth not stated Sorell
PALMER, John not stated Bream Creek
PARKER, Alfred not stated Sorell
PARKER, William Rose & Crown Forcett
PARROTT, Matthew Farmer Bream Creek
PARSONS, Mrs. Brewery Green Hills
PATERSON, A.A. not stated Sorell
PATERSON, Edward Storekeeper & postmaster Bream Creek
PATERSON, Joseph not stated Sorell
PATERSON, Thomas Storekeeper near Sorell
PAUL, George Farmer Bream creek
PEACOCK, George Postmaster Sorell
PHILLIPS, Benjamin Farmer Orielton
PHILLIPS, George Farmer Orielton
PHILLIPS, Mrs. C. Farm Orielton
PINKNEY, James not stated Lewisham
PRESS, John not stated Forcett
PULLEN, Thomas Farmer Wattle Hill
QUARRELL, James not stated Carlton
QUINN, Matthew not stated Sorell
READ, Thomas G. not stated Garden Island
REARDON, Bartholomew Farmer Green Hills
REARDON, Edward Farmer Green Hills
REARDON, William Farmer Green Hills
REYNOLDS, William not stated Sorell
RICHARDSON, Charles Farmer Sorell Rivulet
RICHARDSON, James jun. Farmer Cherry Tree Opening
RILEY, George Farmer Bream Creek
RILEY, John not stated Somerville
RILEY, Thomas Farmer Bream Creek
RILEY, Thomas jun. Farmer Bream Creek
ROACH, James not stated Sorell
ROLAND, James Farmer Orielton
ROLLINGS, James Postmaster Forcett
SANSOM, Robert Farmer Orielton
SAUNDERS, Thomas not stated Sorell
SCOFIELD, Samuel not stated Yeoman Tier
SCRIMGER, George Dunalley Hotel East Bay Neck
SKINNER, William not stated Bream Creek
SMITH, Henry Farmer Bream Creek
SMITH, William not stated Bream Creek
SPALDING, James not stated Carlton
SPECK, John Farmer Wattle Hill
SPOTSWOOD, George Superintendent of police Sorell
STACEY, Robert not stated Forcett
STAINTON, George not stated Sorell
STANTON, Job Pembroke Inn Sorell
STEELE, F.C. Farmer Carlton
STEELE, James G. Farmer Carlton
STEELE, John T. Farmer Carlton
STEER, William Farmer near Sorell
THALLEN, James Farmer Forcett
THOMPSON, John not stated Lewisham
THORNE, Robert Storekeeper near Sorell
THORNE, Robert jun. not stated Forcett
THORNE, William Farmer Blue Lagoon
TOWNSEND, William not stated Ragged Tier
TUCK, James not stated Carlton
TUDOR, Henry Farmer Bream Creek
TUNBRIDGE, J. Farmer Bream Creek
TURNER, Richard Farmer Carlton
WALKER, John Farmer Cherry Tree Opening
WALKER, Thomas Farmer Wattle Hill
WALKER, William Farmer Wattle Hill
WALSH, John not stated Sorell
WARD, James Albert Inn Forcett
WATSON, William not stated Orielton
WEBB, John Farmer Orielton
WEBB, John jun. Farmer Wattle Hill
WEBB, John jun. not stated Cherry Tree Opening
WELLS, John Farmer Wattle Hill
WICKS, Mark Farmer Cherry Tree Opening
WIGGINS, John Farmer Black Hill
WIGGINS, Thomas Farmer Black Hill
WILLIAMS, Edward not stated Cherry Tree Opening
WILLIAMS, Henry Farmer Ragged Tier
WILLIAMS, J.E. not stated Canning
WOODHAM, Henry not stated Forcett
WOODS, George Farmer near Sorell Rivulet
WOODS, William Farmer near Sorell Rivulet
WOOLEY, Elias Farmer Ragged Tier
WOOLEY, George Farmer Bream Creek
WOOLEY, Hardy not stated Sorell
WOOLFORD, Robert not stated Wattle Hill
YATES, William not stated Bream Creek
YOUNG, George not stated Sorell

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