Shipping List
S.S. Orient

From London to Melbourne,to Hobart
Sailed 12th July 1883, arrived Melbourne 28th Aug. 1883.
" to Hobart, possibly 31st August"(unclear from shipping list)

Taken from Original copy of Shipping list,
from Marine Board of Tasmania roll of film available at libraries in Tasmania.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh Feb 2000

Indexed in good faith ,Some errors in translation of writing may have occured .
Please view the original source.

ALMOND, Thomas 37 Lancashire  
ALMOND, Sarah 35 Lincolnshire  
ALMOND, Charles 10 Lancashire  
ALMOND, Ada 8 Lancashire  
ALMOND, Robert 6 Lancashire  
ALMOND, Mary 2 Lancashire  
ATTWOOD, Amos 31 Hartfordshire Baker/?/Miner
BROOKS, Richard 16 Middlesex Gardener's assistant
CAIRNS, Christopher 22 Edinburgh Mason
DAVIDSON, Georgina 25 Edinburgh Domestic servant
DOUGLAS, William 19 Midlothian Lathsplitter
FLEMING, Janet 22 Edinburgh Housemaid and laundry
FLEMING, Jane 17 Edinburgh House and tailor's maid
FLEMING, William 20 Edinburgh Labourer
GRELLIS, William 21 Edinburgh  
GRELLIS, Mary 22 Edinburgh House and tailor's maid
LAYTON, George 35 Middlesex Carpenters labourer
LAYTON, Ann 36 Birmingham  
LAYTON, Edith 11 Middlesex  
LAYTON, George 9 Middlesex  
LAYTON, Arthur 8 Middlesex  
LAYTON, Emma 6 Middlesex  
LAYTON, Florence 2 mo Middlesex  
MEADOWCROFT, William 37 Lancashire Carpenter
OSBORNE, Alfred 16 Suffolk Gardener's ass./Baker
PATTISON, Frank 24 Yorkshire Farm labourer
PARK, Andrew 33 Aryshire Ranger, prev. coal miner
PARK, Agnes 34 Dumfries  
PULLINGER, Charlotte Limerick Domestic servant
ROBINSON, Mary 20 Durham Domestic servant
ROBERTS, Elizabeth 30 Middlesex Laundry and domestic servant
SAMPLE, John 34 County Monagan Plasterer
SAMPLE, Annie 32 Cumberland  
SAMPLE, John 6 Northumberland  
SAMPLE, Alfred 4 Durham  
SAMPLE, Ada 2 Cumberland  
SAMPLE, Ethel 1 Cumberland  
SLATER, Charles 16 Middlesex Gardener's assistant
SMITH, Peter 36 Lanark Miner and labourer
SMITH, Mary 37 Lud.....?  
SMITH, Janet 11 Lanark  
SMITH, Margaret 7 Lanark  
SMITH, Robert 4 Lanark  
SMITH, Marian 2 Midlothian  
SMITH, William 2mo. Midlothian  
SMITH, George 20 Aberdeen Building mason
SOWETH, John 18 Yorkshire Cabinet maker

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