Shipping List

From London to Melbourne,to Hobart
Sailed from London 28th June 1883,
arrived Melbourne 8th August 1883.
At Launceston per "Southern Cross" 11th August 1883.

Taken from Original copy of Shipping list,
from Marine Board of Tasmania roll of film available at libraries in Tasmania.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh Feb 2000

Indexed in good faith ,Some errors in translation of writing may have occured .
Please view the original source.

ANDREWS, Mary E. 20 Somersetshire Nurse
AUSTIN, Henry 35 Kent Market gardener, farm labourer
AUSTIN, Mary E. 34 Kent Wife
AUSTIN, Annie 9 Kent  
AUSTIN, Mary E. 7 Kent  
AUSTIN, Harriet 5 Kent  
AUSTIN, Henry J. 6 mo Kent  
COOKMAN, Walter 20 Wiltshire Carpenter & joiner
COOKMAN, Charles 22 Wiltshire Carpenter & joiner
COOKMAN, William 28 Wiltshire Painter
COOKMAN, Annie 27 Wiltshire Wife
CROWE, John 19 Gloucestershire Blacksmith
LONERGAN, John 21 County Tipperary Farm labourer
McDONOUGH, Joseph 29 County Galway Machinist
McDONOUGH, Margaret 30 County Tipperary  
McDONOUGH, Mary 5 Leitrim  
McDONOUGH, Barbara 2 Leitrim  
McDONOUGH, Joseph 3 mo. Leitrim  
McPARTLAN, Myles 23 Brick & tile mason
MUNDY, James H. 28 Wiltshire Gardener
MUNDY, Ann 24 Wiltshire Wife
MUNDY, John H. 2 mo Wiltshire  
ROWLINSON, George W. 22 Cornwall Blacksmith
ROWLINSON, Jane 20 Sussex Laundress
ROY, John 22 Edinburgh Baker
SAMPSON, Christiana 28 Essex General servant
SKEELS, Arthur 24 Cambridgeshire Carpenter & joiner
SKEELS, Lucy 26 Leicestershire Wife
SKEELS, Leonard 6 Leicestershire  
SKEELS, Harry 5 Essex  
SKEELS, Stella L. 3 Middlesex  
SKEELS, Arthur E. 1 Surrey  
SKEELS, Frederick 32 Cambridgeshire Carpenter & joiner
SKEELS, Elizabeth 30 Huntingdonshire  
SKEELS, F.A. 5 Leicestershire  
SKEELS, Henry L. 2 Essex  
SKEELS, Frank 8 mo. Essex  
ULRICH, Karl 18 Prussia? Blacksmith

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