Westmoreland COUNTY
A to C

indexed by Jackie Browne Mar/1999

ADAMS Richard Farmer Blackwood Creek 1890-91
AFFLECK John Flour Mill Longford 1890-91
AFFLECK Thomas Flour Mill Longford 1890-91
ALLEN Joseph Florist Longford 1890-91
ALLISON Israel Station Holder Cressy 1890-91
APPLEBY Mrs Mary Exton 1890-91
APPLEBY William Farmer Exton 1890-91
ARCHER Alexander Barrister Longford 1890-91
ARCHER Basil Station Holder Cressy 1890-91
ARCHER Charles Station Holder Cressy 1890-91
ARCHER Joseph Farmer Hadspen 1890-91
ARCHER Joseph Longford 1890-91
ARCHER Mrs Edward Longford 1890-91
ARCHER Percy W Sheep Farmer Longford 1890-91
ARCHER Wiliam H.D. Farmer Longford 1890-91
ARMSTRONG Alex Farmer Bishopbourne 1890-91
ARMSTRONG William Farmer Bishopbourne 1890-91
ARTHUR Rev C R Church of England Hadspen 1890-91
ARTHUR Thomas R Farmer Longford 1890-91
ASHDOWN Alfred Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
ASHDOWN Edwin Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
ASHDOWN Ernest Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
ATKINS Samuel Farmer Bracknell 1890-91
ATKINSON Alfred Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
ATKINSON Amos Constable Bracknell 1890-91
BADCOCK Allen Farmer Exton 1890-91
BADCOCK Robert Farmer Exton 1890-91
BADCOCK Samuel Farmer Exton 1890-91
BAILEY Frederick Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BAILEY George Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BAKES Arthur Farmer Quamby Brook 1890-91
BAKES Joseph Farmer Quamby Brook 1890-91
BAKES William Farmer Quamby Brook 1890-91
BALDOCK John Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BALDOCK William Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BAMFORD Andrew J Baker Longford 1890-91
BARKER Alfred Farmer Longford 1890-91
BARRETT Henry Woodcutter Hadspen 1890-91
BARRETT Thomas Schoolmaster Glenore 1890-91
BARTLETT Samuel Farmer Longford 1890-91
BARTLETT Thomas Farmer Longford 1890-91
BARTLETT William Carrier Longford 1890-91
BATES Alfred Farmer Liffey 1890-91
BEATTY James Farmer Hadspen 1890-91
BEAUMONT George Blacksmith Blackwood Creek 1890-91
BECKETT Richard Farmer Liffey 1890-91
BELBIN Charles Labourer Exton 1890-91
BELBIN William Labourer Exton 1890-91
BELLCHAMBERS Clarence Smiths Assistant Chudleigh 1890-91
BELLCHAMBERS Francis Blacksmith Chudleigh 1890-91
BENNETT james Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BENNETT John Farmer Liffey 1890-91
BENNETT Miles Farmer Longford 1890-91
BENNETT William H Station Holder Cressy 1890-91
BENTLEY James Sawmill(Bentley & Tubb) Blackwood Creek 1890-91
BERNE John Farmer Golden Valley 1890-91
BERNE Thomas Farmer Golden Valley 1890-91
BEVEN Thomas Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
BEVERIDGE William Farmer Longford 1890-91
BLACKIE Rev H.G. Baptist Longford 1890-91
BLACKWELL E.O. Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BLACKWELL Henry Blacksmith Bishopbourne 1890-91
BLAIR John Farmer Bishopbourne 1890-91
BLAIR Joseph Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BLAIR William Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BLAKE John Labourer Bishopbourne 1890-91
BLAZLY J Farmer Glenore 1890-91
BLAZLY Mrs A Senior Farmer Glenore 1890-91
BLYTH Edward Teacher Exton 1890-91
BOON Arthur E Farmer Blackwood Creek 1890-91
BOON Edwin Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
BOON Joseph William Bootmaker Bracknell 1890-91
BOSWORTH George Farmer Liffey 1890-91
BOWCHER Richard Overseer Exton 1890-91
BOWLES Edward Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BOWMAN F.J. Landowner East Meander 1890-91
BOXHALL William Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BRADBERY Thomas Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BRADFORD George Farmer East Meander 1890-91
BRADMORE George Labourer Glenore 1890-91
BRADMORE H Farmer Glenore 1890-91
BRANSDEN Richard Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
BRICKNELL Eli Overseer Hadspen 1890-91
BRICKNELL James Labourer Bishopbourne 1890-91
BRICKNELL john Farmer Longford 1890-91
BRISCOE Francis Bootmaker Chudleigh 1890-91
BRITTON Arthur Labourer Dunorlan 1890-91
BRITTON Hugh Labourer Dunorlan 1890-91
BRITTON Thomas Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BRODIE Martin Farmer Golden Valley 1890-91
BROOKS Daniel Farmer Bishopbourne 1890-91
BROOKS Daniel Farmer Longford 1890-91
BROOKS Daniel Farmer Longford 1890-91
BROWN Alfred Storekeeper Longford 1890-91
BROWN James Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BROWNHALL James Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BRUMBY David Farmer Longford 1890-91
BRUMBY George P Wheelwright Longford 1890-91
BRUMBY James W Farmer Cressy 1890-91
BRUMBY John Farmer Cressy 1890-91
BRUMBY Mansfield Butcher Cressy 1890-91
BRUMBY Peter Farmer Cressy 1890-91
BRUMBY Samuel Farmer Cressy 1890-91
BULLER James Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
BULY Miss Teacher Glenore 1890-91
BULY Mrs Teacher Glenore 1890-91
BUNTON John P Farmer Longford 1890-91
BURK John Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BURK Michael Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BURKE David Labourer Dunorlan 1890-91
BURKE Frederick Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BURKE jay Labourer Dunorlan 1890-91
BURKE Joseph Labourer Dunorlan 1890-91
BURKE William M Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BURLS george Farmer Cluan 1890-91
BURLS george Labourer Glenore 1890-91
BURNETT John Woodcarter Hadspen 1890-91
BURNETT Richard Farmer Hadspen 1890-91
BURNETT William Wood Carter Hadspen 1890-91
BURNWORTH William Labourer Glenore 1890-91
BUSSEY William Farmer Quamby Brook 1890-91
BUTLER James Farmer Caveside 1890-91
BUTLER Richard Farmer Caveside 1890-91
BUTLES Eli Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
BUTTERFIELD Francis Farmer Longford 1890-91
BYARD Clement Farmer Caveside 1890-91
BYARD Jabez Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
BYARD Mrs James Senior Caveside 1890-91
BYARD Thomas S Farmer Caveside 1890-91
CAMERON Alex Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
CAMERON Alexander Farmer Caveside 1890-91
CAMERON John Storekeeper Mole Creek 1890-91
CAMERON Robert Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
CAMPBELL Donald Storekeeper Cressy 1890-91
CARR John Farmer Quamby Brook 1890-91
CARTER John W Blacksmith Longford 1890-91
CARTER Joseph Trainer Hadspen 1890-91
CARTER William Hadspen 1890-91
CARTLEDGE Richard Farmer Exton 1890-91
CASSIDY John W Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
CHAPPLE John Farmer Bishopbourne 1890-91
CHELLIS Joseph Farmer East Meander 1890-91
CLARK Arthur Farmer East Meander 1890-91
CLARK James Farmer Mole Creek 1890-91
CLARKE Christopher Farmer Exton 1890-91
CLARKE Jane Railway Hotel Longford 1890-91
CLAYTON George Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
CLEAR john Farmer Longford 1890-91
CLUTTERBUCK E Carpenter Exton 1890-91
COLE Henry Schoolmaster Cressy 1890-91
COLE Thomas Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
COLLINS Dennis Farmer Golden Valley 1890-91
COLLINS George Farmer East Meander 1890-91
COLLINS John Farmer Liffey 1890-91
CONN John Farmer Bishopbourne 1890-91
CONNELL James Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
COOK Albert E Farmer Caveside 1890-91
COOK Harry A Carpenter Caveside 1890-91
COOK Robert G Farmer Caveside 1890-91
COOK Thomas K Farmer Caveside 1890-91
COOPER James Farmer Exton 1890-91
COPE Mrs Farmer Dunorlan 1890-91
CORDING Henry Labourer Bracknell 1890-91
CORNELIUS Thomas Farmer Blackwood Creek 1890-91
COUGHLAN John Farmer Golden Valley 1890-91
COX Arthur Bracknell 1890-91
COX Edward Bracknell 1890-91
COX Sarah Dressmaker Bracknell 1890-91
CRAWFORD john Farmer Cluan 1890-91
CROWDEN Charles Labourer Exton 1890-91
CROWDEN William Farmer East Meander 1890-91
CULLEN Charles Farmer Cressy 1890-91
CULLEN Frederick Farmer Cressy 1890-91
CULLEN John Farmer Cressy 1890-91
CUMMINS George J Junior Farmer Cluan 1890-91
CUMMINS George Senior Farmer Cluan 1890-91
CUMMINS John Labourer Dunorlan 1890-91
CUMMINS Mark Farmer Cluan 1890-91
CUMMINS Mark Farmer Liffey 1890-91
CUNNINGHAM Alexander Farmer Caveside 1890-91
CUNNINGHAM David Farmer Caveside 1890-91
CUNNINGHM W Teacher Chudleigh 1890-91